Friday, August 3, 2012

Finagle a Foto #24 Winners~ {Best of the Week}

Well Hello there lovelies!
Are you all as excited as me the weekend is upon us?
Go weekend!
Let's skip the small talk, as much as I love me some small talk... on with da goods.
(note to self: am I getting to old to use silly words like "da goods?" Nahhhh! haha)
<<Finagle a Foto Challenge #24 Winners>>
Theme:{BOW}best shots of the week)
super big thank you to our wonderful friends that linked.
You all blow us away with your talent!
*My super lovely co-host Marilyn had the joy,
 & hard job of picking this weeks winners.
<<<<<<Live Love Travel >>>>>>
This BEAUTIFUL bride totally stole my heart!
Couldn't get enough of that simple yet delicate and wonderful smile and
whatever it is that screams pure bliss and happiness/ content to be living 
in her moment!!!  Simple adorable! What a lucky fella he must be! 
Absolutely Great wedding photo!!
2nd Place~ 21 Rosemary Lane
This shot is amazing for so many reasons, the beautiful sunset, the light glare 
happening per the clouds in the background, the radiance of the sun peering 
through the tops to create the awesome light effect atop the viewers heads, 
do I keep going..? {I could!!} :)) This series via 21 Rosemary Lane is a MUST
stop in and and see. So many amazing shots.. Very lovely capture..
Simple Superb Shot...
3rd Place ~ Monas Picturesque
~*Happy Birthday Minea*~
What an amazing way to remember your birthday! These field shots 
are soo pretty and oh so lovely beyond words. I love how she sticks 
out in her pinks and the endless aisles of greens all around.. Very unique 
and simply amazing shot! Cheers to many more blessed 
years to come girlie.. Yaaaaye.. {To the Bday Girl!}
My lovely Co-Host 
Melanie Via Happy Jax!
Dearest Melanie ;)) .. I KNOW WE NEVER PICK OUR OWN!
But, I have to snag a moment and just send some LOVE to Mel. 
How Adorable is this ridiculously cute shot of Jax..? LOVE LOVE it.. 
PHELPS can have the WHOLE pool, Im rolling with JAX!
Marilyn... you little sneaker you! Aww. Thank you sweet friend. 
You made me smile & made my day! Mwahhh!
Btw, I'll get ya back soon. You better watch is sista!
**Big Thanks ladies, & congrats**
YOU are ALL amazing!!! Absolutely wonderful shots.. 

* * * * FAF #25* * * *
Theme:{Best of the Week}
My girl Marilyn & I sincerely hope you'll link up w/ us tomorrow!!
OMGosh... I saved the best surprise for last...
Psss... guess who our guest host & judge for tomorrow's challenge will be? 
Hint she's INCREDIBLE. 
Come back & see!