Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Edit Me~ {week 9}

 Thanks to Stephanie from Behind the Camera & Dreaming , 
for this weeks crazy cute picture!
This is her HANDSOME little fella.

Stephanie's sooc

Edit by me

What I did:
I started by rotating. I wanted to make those big beautiful eyes the center focal pont.
increased the exposure & the contrast a tad
added a smart focus effect around his face
used a Polaroid  & skin glow action.
focused, & walla, that was it!


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Wordless Wednesday~ walkn & talkn

We LOVE walks at our house.
We walk & talk.
We talk about important stuff.

How we miss daddy.
When he will be home from work.
What to have for an afternoon snack.
Why we can't play w/ the 200 toys that "one neighbor" has in their front yard.
Why we don't poke the neighbors cat w/ a stick.
Ya know. The important things!

I LOVE how a simple walk w/ mommy can be the highlight of his day, 
put this sweet smile on my favorite little face.

side note: How great is this hair, btw?! I'm going to start calling him my little
 Mini McDreamy! Heheee.

We also do lots of cute thinkn...?
You can tell, it must be about very important stuff!

These little hands always find a stick to run through the tall grass.

These little hands also usually find, 
at least one thing, they should not touch!
(no worries. no child was hurt in the making of this post.)

Though he likes to be Mr Independent...

he still makes sure mama isn't too far behind. 
I LOVE that!

Thanks for the walkn & the talkn, monkey-man.

I had the best day with you. 

Xo, Mommy

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Sweet Sponsor Love~ Kelly-Marie, Our Footprints On The World!

    I am beyond excited to introduce you to this sweetie,
 my very 1st sponsor, 
Kelly-Marie from Our Footprints On The World!
  She truly is one cool chick, & I know you will love her blog just as much as I do! Kelly-Marie is the reason this girl finally has a blog button! She is a loving wifee & wonderful mum to the cutest little ham named Joshua! Well... she can say it a whole lot better than I can! Take it away mama...

Hey There, I'm Kelly-Marie from...
    Our Footprints On The World is a personal blog about my family life with my wonderful hubby Matt and my special little guy Joshua. I invite everyone along to see what we get up to as Josh grows up and our family grows (in time not just yet! hehehe). I love photography and designing, I do have my own online store where I have lot's of personalized party invitations to choose from with more party items coming soon and I also help out with blog designing, with different packages to choose from; I even made this lovely lady's blog button for her ;)

Come and stop by and say hello, we would love to hear from you x x 

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Scavenger Hunt~ {week #19}

1. Crossed
If there is a mud puddle, my boy will find it!

2. A Glimpse
A leisurely Saturday drive.

3. Handwritten
Monkey checking out Daddy's Valentine.

4. Bliss
Date night. Cute heels. Enough said!

5. Gray
Look who brought a grey "surprise" inside for mommy.

 Thank goodness, these are the only bugs that don't freak me the HECK out!
Plus, I love the look of wonder on that sweet face.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Edit Me~ {week 8}

     I was so happy to join Edit me this week. Jaxy & mommy are still fighting an ugly head cold, so not many pictures have been snapped this week. Instead I got the pleasure of editing this super lovely shot! Is this not the perfect setting?! This was taken by Bree from His Honey & Her Mommy, & this is her gorgeous little girl. I heart this picture, & it was a joy to edit!

sooc by Bree

edit by me

What I did~
- I was originally not going to crop this. I LOVED that her cute bare feet were in the water. I wanted to focus on her sweet face though. Her expression is priceless. So I went ahead w/ cropping.
- Cloned out the sun ray on her hand
-basically just added a "faded daguerreotype" preset on Picnik, & that is it! I loved the pretty soft colors in the original, but think the b&w makes this cutie pie stand out more than the background.

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hey loves,
This is Tiger's love letter to the famous & the most wanted kitty there is... aka Miss Kitty Paw.
Nothing says I love you like a tattoo!

if you likeeee... 
please take a second & vote for him.
He really wants to win Kitty's paw!

(we are #16)
Thanks guys!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

sick day

    Hello my lovelies. Geesh! I (kind of) figured the whole "not being able to post," issue. For some reason my browser wasn't working correctly w/ Blogger, even though there was never a problem before? Any whoooo... a sweet soul told me to try opening Blogger through Google Chrome, AND walla, here we are. Hallelujah! Holy moly, what how did I ever live before blogging?! Heheee... prob got a lot more done! No, seriously this whole bloggy world has brought so much joy to my life. I LOVE the dear sweet friends I've made! The laundry will be still be there tomorrow, just a much bigger pile! 

    Darn it, we have the sickies at our house right now. Monkey is not feeling like the wild Curious George he usually is. Mommy feels like she's been hit by a train, & her head is going to EXPLODE. Basically a super DUPER bad version of your normal head cold. Yep... no fun here. Like every mommy, my heart just breaks to see my baby sick.  I have got some of the best cuddles, & sweet quiet time w/ my boy though.  We are both ready to get back to feeling good... Please Jesus, let's have that be at the same time! 

sick mama + no sick Jaxy = a very, VERY, bad thing. Lol)
 No. Of course, I want him better, even if I'm not.
Just sayn'.

Mr teddy has got some good lovens too!

Sleepy boy

Jax & Teddy playing peek a boo.

Awww... friends want to play.

 Someone misses going outside, & someone misses Jaxy.

Mom. Really? REALLY?!!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Blogger posting issue!!! Help...?

Hey all! The only way I'm able to post this is through my iPod Blogger app. What the heck is going on?!!! Is anyone else having posting issues? I'm completely unable to edit or compose a post at all! The lovely little gray loading circle is just spining around & around. I'm pretty sure it's mocking me, at this point. Lol)

Anywhooo... I checked on blogger/help, & the same issue has been reported. Just wondering if any of my peeps are having the same problem. Urrrrg. This sucks dude!

Xo, Melanie

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Morning Sunshine!

that smile.

Almost makes the whole "coffee incident" forgiven.
But not quite little man, not quite.

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It's her very 1st challenge, & I am SO excited!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Scavenger Hunt~ {week 18}

1. Love

2. Duplicated
One wrinkley toed little fella that
begged mama to stay in the tub a bit too long!

3. Trend
Awarded toy of the year.
Jax is crazy for his Leap Pad,
& has learned a ton it!

4. Paper
Our Sunday morning tradition (Sun. paper & coffee) now includes this cutie.

5. Plastic
walla... meet George the giraffe

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