about ME!

**My name is Melanie**
I LOVE being a mama
I get to spend each day w/ the love of my life
(can still give me butterflies, just as he did at 16)
LOVE living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest
Would die w/out coffee & lip gloss
I'm completely head over heals for photography
(we're talkn  a LOVE & LUST thing) 
YAY... just recently got my 1st SLR!
I have so many dreams & goals in my photography journey
I'm ashamed of how much crappy reality tv I watch
I love all music, I can really get down w/ the best of em',
BUT I LOVE my country
Lover of wine & ice cream 
(great combo, ey?!)
Still coping going from cute n' sexy heels too...
(maybe cute but surely not sexy) flip flops & converse
This blog is the place I go to meet up w/ my lovely friends,
share our wonderful crazy lives, as we walk through mama-hood....
& I pretty much take a picture of every single moment of it! Lol)
Kyna is SO my bloggy besty
(bbf)(love her )
I use waaaay too many exclamation points!!!
I use the words: love, adore, lil/little, ya'll 
(wish I had an southern accent, so i love to pretend. A lot.)
amazing, lovely, so... to mention a few.

Ya'll... I have met SO many amazing/lovely friends through my lil blog, who I LOVE & adore SO much!
(lol. Just an example to warn ya!)