Saturday, April 30, 2011

i heart faces~ soft & sweet

soft & sweet

The photo challenge at i heart faces
 this week is "soft & sweet."
This is my true definition of soft & sweet. 

When I look at this face,
that scrunched up cute as a button nose,
I can hear that soft & sweet angelic giggle.
It is so infectious.
 My absolute favorite sound!

     Also, Thanks to my sweet friend Susan, at Three Boys & a Princess.
She inspired me to do this.Please check out her blog, her photo's are amazing! 

Friday, April 29, 2011

what up smartie pants?

this boy .
my boy.
spelled his name last night.

for the 1st time,


     I have this huge bin of cookie-cutters. I let monkey play with while I try to cook dinner. It usually distracts him from trying to grab sharp knives & a big pot of boiling water.(for about 5 mins.) This night was different though. He rummaged through the hug bin, & found the three cute little letters that spell that sweet name.

He said, "mommm...?!" I turned around & he was pointing at this! 

what  up?!!

he's mine!

flashback friday~ baby on board

flashback friday
     This pic was taken while driving, the day Greg & I found out we were pregnant! When I snapped this we had absolutely no idea. Ignorance is bliss, right? Hahaha. We woke up early that morning, & took a road trip up to Seattle. I was going to be meeting his grandmother for the very 1st time, & was super nervous. The drive was great. We reached Seattle & stopped for a quick breakfast. The second I got done eating ,some amazing  strawberry crepes,... I got more nauseous than I ever had before. I spent the next hour in a Shari's restroom violently throwing up to bad elevator music. It was not good times! 

       I'll try to make this short. We obviously thought it must have been the food. So my honey ran into a drug store to get some medicine, mouthwash, & lots of "barf bags." (is there any nice way to say barf bag? Yah... huh...? Anywhoooo. It was on the way to grandma's house. I ended up trying to pull off not looking completely sick, while meeting one of the neatest Lady's ever. Later that night, we ended up taking 11 prego tests, just for the heck of it. (Btw, dollar store tests really do work!) Not that we're totally cheap or anything, but we thought what the hey?! So my 10 came back positive,(YES. I said 10) & Greg's (one) was negative. Thank goodness! Hahaha... I could not handle that dude pregnant! Lol.

     I cherish this shot so much because it's the last photo taken of us, as just us. Before our lives would change forever. There was a baby on board!


Thursday, April 28, 2011

catch me if ya can...

     Over the weekend we went to jaxy's cousin, Noah's, 3rd birthday party. We had a great time seeing friends & family, & jax had a very fun time running around like the wild little dude he is! It's funny how kids are all so very different. His cousin Noah is only 6 months older than him. The differences in them is night & day. Noah is nice and calm. So nice & calm, that it actually kinda freaks me out. Jax, on the other hand, is non-stop bouncing off the walls. Running here & there. This boy does not stay in one spot for long.

He is the sweetest lil tweaker,
but OMGosh is this normal?
I know it is.

     I think Gma said it best, Jax does not have an off switch. His "switch" is smoking blinking red and turned up to the max! I love my baby boy, just the way he is. I love how Innocent & curious he is about this mad world.  Man, if I could only bottle up some of that crazzzy energy!
I couldn't resist capturing some shots of my beautiful family.

daddy & jax

     One thing that I am the most thankful for is the love my greg got from his dad.(jaxy's Gpa) Greg loves & respects his father more than anyone I've ever seen. That ensures me that this love will only carry on & on.

Monkey loves him some grandpa (Gpa)!
Gpa has that extra special "jax touch."
He can actually get jax to semi hold still...well kinda.

These next shots just make my heart warm & fuzzy.
Jax couldn't have a better Gpa.

Catch me if ya can, Gpa...

Gosh. I sure do love these guys.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Presenting Easter Morning (sponsored by santa, aka daddy)

Oh how i love my honey...
You're looking at a picture of jaxy's Easter basket.
If you having a hard time seeing it,
it's that thing in the middle,
that mr ducky is leaning on.

It's was so darn cute...
Daddy kinda took over the whole shopping for Easter job,
and this is what came of it.
He spent a bunch of time, the night before,
 setting everything up just right.

He was even the mastermind,
of the marshmellow bunny trail.

Merry Christmas Happy Easter

Jaxy is a major movie lover, like daddy.
Easter Bunny brought him all 7 Disney Pixar movies!

This Optimus Prime transformer truck
was by far his favorite surprise.
That made daddy a happy boy.

This was Jax's room,
before we know there was a Jax.
This was only 1 wall.
The craziness went all around the room.
Not a bare spot.

I'm sure monkeys room will one day, 
look a lot like daddy's man room.

All the goodies are so very fun,
but I want jax to really know the true meaning of Easter.
He's a bit young to understand it all now,
but I'm very excited to teach him just how much
Jesus loves him.

The rest of our Easter was very laid back.
Our plans with the Grandparents unfortunately got cancelled,
but we had a nice & lazy Easter Sunday at home.

jax searching for a goodie

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter,
with the poeple they love!