Tuesday, October 18, 2011

HappyJax 'The Blog' Is In The Shop For Repairs

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick post to let you all know that my little laptop finally gave up after too many posts and too many photos. (Although, are either of those really a possibility? I say no!) :)

I've got a 'Plan B' in the works to carry me over until the shiny new replacement shows up on Black Friday. So, fingers crossed, I'll be blogging again very very soon.

:) Melanie

Monday, October 17, 2011

Visit me over at great expectations

A little computer mishap has prevented me from being able to blog for a couple days! Until then, please come visit me over at great expectations where Kyna is featuring one of my yummy recipes for Homemade Mozzarella Cheesy Sticks!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Earth Wonders Photo Challenge!

Daddy rescued a little monkey.
You can't tell,
 but Jax climbed all the way up a HUGE stack of logs.
Having no fear is a beautiful thing,
but dude... come on! lol.

Can you say... one tired boy?!
If he only knew how much I loved him.

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wordless(ish) Wednesday~the blue ice cream boy

On Monkey's actual B-day October 6th. (not party day)
We had a nice chillaxed day at home.
Opened presents, had pizza for breakfast,
Oh yes, there was blue ice cream at Cold Stone!
Jaxy's FAVORITE color.

Can you tell he he's just a bit of a character?!

Love that cheesy smile.
Love my boys.

We are pretty cute, if I must say so.
Yes. We are that dorky AWESOME family that has matching shoes.
(I promise that's the only time we're matchy matchy) lol.

Oh goodness!
Can you tell by his big blue eyes,
he's had enough sugur?!

We had a fun Jaxy Birthday at home.
BUT his Birthday party was kinda amazing.
I hope to post pics soon!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

autumn photo walk

I enjoyed my "just me" photo walk last week,
so much so, 
I'm going to try to make it a regular thing.
Convincing myself to get up at sunrise,
when I could be in my comfy oh so cozy bed...
Haha... we'll see.
The only time I have is either before daddy goes to work,
or when he gets home.
Because, Lord knows, 3 year old Jax
does NOT want to wait for mama to snap a billion pictures. 
Hopefully my love for photography will win.
(At least once a week!)

Walking down our country road,
 just before the sun rose.

I have a thing for old red barns.
Especially old red barns surrounded by lovely autumn!

I'm kinda loving this in B&W!

Walking back up towards home,
good morning sunshine in autumn!

Monday, October 10, 2011

adventures in... balloons in the bath tub, bee-boop/bee-boop, & attention to detail!

This was Saturday night,
finally home sweet home.
 After a super long, super LOVELY,
super exhausting Jaxy Birthday PART-A!

We loaded in all the presents from the car
 Monkey had bath time while still holding onto his party balloons!
 Mama, daddy, & monkey
  all got dressed in comfies (jammies).

We played with the favorite new toy
on the kitchen floor.

It was A-dorable watching how...
 he had to have the driver in the car just right,
had to have the car lined up on the lift just so,
Only he could press the lever that made the car go,
(we're working on the whole "sharing thing.")
he even said...
 bee-boop bee-be-boop, as he touched the tiny toy keyboard.

His attention to detail is OMGosh cute!

Bee-BOOP... Be-be-boop-boop.

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i heart faces~ raise your hands

What's better than adorable little Jaxy hands...?
Jaxy & daddy hands.

This is birthday boy morning.
3 year old, tech savvy  jax,
showing daddy how his new toy works.

LOVE how you can see just a peak of the cutest smile ever!
Yep. Can you tell I'm the mama?!

I can not believe my baby boy is 3!
We had a wonderful party for our little nugget last Saturday.
 As soon as I find this little thing called time,
good times & pictures will be shared!

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Scavenger Hunt~ {week10}

~Scavenger Hunt Sunday~

1. Landscape
 A landscape view of our backyard.
I LOVE taking pictures of this beautiful old farm house,
surrounded by the tree farm.

2. Complementary/Triadic Color
I'm hoping this shot works.
I like just the hint of the green in the background.

3. Black & White
Still can't believe he's all mine.
Playing a serious game of peek-a-boo!

4. Food
The most loved food at our house.
Jax hearts peanut butter!

5. Blank Space
I had to really give this prompt some thought.
Then... I thought of this.
Last movie night we all cuddled up, w/ a big bowl of popcorn,
AND watched Transformers 3.
We (daddy,jax, & (kinda) mommy) are Transformer nerds.
So I had to snap a quick pic.
Just the blank dark space, surrounding the tv.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Frivolous Flashback Friday~ pumpkin patch & picture walk

~flashback Friday~
This is our last years trip to our local pumpkin farm.
 I am thrilled fall is here!
the changing colors
 fall fashion
Uhmmm? Hello. Pumpkin flavored lattes/everything
AND who can resist this handsome scare crow?

You can just tell this guy is the total package!

Our friends little moo cow Sean & piggy/bumble bee Jax.
This was the, "Jax likes to lick signs faze." 
My handsome fellas going for one more hay ride around the farm.
Jax was one tired boy after this fun day.

~Frivolous Friday~

I went on a walk.
just me
just to take pictures.

It was great fun!

----Shocker alert----Shocker alert----Shocker alert----Shocker alert----
 a non Jaxy pic.

 My first rain drop shot ever!