Monday, February 28, 2011

what happens when you (me) leave a 2 yr old (aka jax), alone w/ chocolate pudding, for 5 seconds...? (literally 5! seconds!!)

jax trying to figure out if mom is super mad, or
just a little mad...

hi mommm... HIeee!?

OK, good.
mom is laughing!

I had an Oprah "aha moment." Cameras are a great,
"not freakkkking the heck out tools!"
Seriously instead of freaking out, &
telling jax this wasn't a normal thing we do w/ our
pudding.(especially chocolate!) I grabbed my camera.
It even works better, than closing your eyes &
counting to five.

"aha" went to Uh-oh!
no clapping jax!

This is becoming even scarier.
He's on the move.

literally trying to stop him
while snapping a pic.
(I need an intervention)

on to the bath!

my lil bearded man.
(we're thinking about joining the circus)

I'm gonna miss my
chocolate face boy.

`How can I get all mad, when looking at this face?

I was looking at this face.

I will NEVER forget this afternoon jaxy!
It was just too cute,
to be mad.
Can't wait til tomorrow.
Maybe we'll try vanilla next time, though.


Saturday, February 26, 2011


beautiful boy

Oh how I love...
the moment those crazy curls,
come to play!

You've recently just started "playing" (really playing)
with your toys. I adore how your baby whale,
has a very deep conversation with Thomas the train.
It's too stinkin cute, how you line all your toys up
just so. Love it!


tooooot... tweee...

hahaha. splish-splash
mommy FINALLY got jax back
(for the million times he's splashed me)

nice work mom.
thanks jax.

good times.

Friday, February 25, 2011

snow day

Ready to go play in the snow, check list.
 mr. frog boots... check       
 warm winter jacket... check
                                    gloves... check
 8 layers of clothes... check!

Jaxy, your absolute/perfect/sweet innocence,
makes me stop to appreciate the small beautiful
moments of life.

The cutest footprints, EVER.

You weren't to sure about this thing called,

You were sure where it came from though.
Up... mommmm UP!

That's the face I adore.
The blue-eyes that make my heart just melt.
Those kissy lips, that give the best binky kisses.
Your daddy's perfect nose.
I'm so lucky to be the mommy,
that gets to kiss those cheeks...
every day & every night.

run. run. giggle. run.

1----one...thousand. 2----one thousand....
What? it's been 2.5 seconds, w/ no movement!
We have a tired boy.

a tired jax ~ but a happy jax
nap time, bub

Thursday, February 24, 2011

White stuff. Yay!

It's snowing...

We have white stuff!

(The other man in my life)
Falkor, luv'n the snow!

Jaxy, you are still in bed.
I can't wait to get you up, to go play in the snow!
It's going to be a fun day little man!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a day at the park

I can hear your sweet little laugh,
when I look at this photo!

Jax was a little hesitant at 1st,
but then...


Awwww... the boys I love.

What is this handsome fella smiling at?

This handsome daddy...
just being silly mr. model.

His cuteness scares me, sometimes. Lol.

FAVORITE picture, of the day.
Oh.. I love that cute lil belly!

My mr. blue-eyes.

Had to get the cute shoes shot!

Being the mom
(the one who always takes the pics)
This is the only picture of me.
That's ok. At least the shoes are,

It took my determined lil jax over a minute,
to climb into the giant tire.

Then 2.5 seconds later...
He's spent.

happy jax

Time to go home.
Such a fun day at the park!