Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Friday~ YGG 2nd Birthday bash!

    Alrighty! It's finally Flashback Friday time!! This will surely be my favorite FF post thus far. We are Flashing back to last October, Jax's 2nd Birthday party (AKA Jax's Yo Gabba Gabba Extravaganza!!)! I started planning for this party months in advance. Since he was in love w/ the whole YGG gang, the theme was a no brainer. As you will see I handmade (with lots of mommy love) most all his decorations. There is actually an entire YGG fan website Gabba Friends  filled w/ everything YGG... ideas, printables, EVERYTHING to help you plan the perfect YGG party. Along with that & I was ready to jump aboard the crazy train of planning my babe's big day. I was thrilled with how it all turned out, thanks to my sweet SWEET family who helped a bunch. Also my honey for putting up w/ how crazy I became in the process. It was all worth it to see Jaxy's face light up! I hope the Transformer's party I'm putting together now will live up to this one! 
Made by...
 the one,
the only....
(also, most all the b-day photos are courtesy of Gma's mad camera skills)

Adorable Cardboard Characters, on the mantel, were bought off Etsy.
I made his birthday banner.
I LOVED how it turned out!

Here's the Birthday boy! How great is his Plex shirt?!
I made everyone YGG shirst,
They were just simple iron-ons from

Muno was our celebrity guest!

Gpa & Jax had matching shirts!!

Really simple but CUTE "I am 2 banner!"
(Confession: I cut the YGG characters out of napkins, & glued them on.
No one knew but this girl !)

Ok. I actually think I'm kinda cool for doing this lil ditty here!!
It's the magical YGG tv from the show, with SPECIAL guest star Jax!
YGG cut-outs were again from napkins!
Awww. He's holding Foofa's hand!

Waiting for his pals...
Yay... cousin Noah has arrived!

A Brobee unicorn!
The birthday boy had to make a wardrobe change

Cool shirt daddy!
Now he & Da are Muno twins!

Check out this Muno/Brobee blanket
 Auntie K MADE for her boy!
He still LOVES it.
This is the day the green froggy boots made there 1st appearance.

The cake was pretty fantastic.
All the YGG peeps dannced.
Notice that's a crayon he's holding,
not a fork!
Yep. He took his 1st bite of 2 year old B-day cake,
with a brown crayola crayon!
You bet I saved this crayon!

Man, I love Chucks.
So many lovely memories were made in those little high-tops.
He's on to a green pair now!
This was a wonderful birthday for my then just turned 2 year old.
We will be celebrating his 3rd in just over a week.
I don't now where this year has gone,
But I still can't believe I'm the lucky mama
that gets to share her days w/ this little dude.

I can't wait to celebrate your 3rd Birthday monkey-man.
We will have so much fun,
I can promise you that.


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Thursday, September 29, 2011

The day we broke into a tree farm

Well, "breaking in" is a strong word(s) for what we did.
We just went on a nice little "tire the munchkin out before nap walk,"
and happened to also take a walk inside
 (through the big tall gate)
of the tree farm. lol

As you can see we live out in the country,
on a very quiet road.

He's probably looking back thinking..
" Is my mom really letting me run this far ahead?!!"
AND as I look at it now...
I'm thinking the same thing!
Loving the new fall colors.

Ahhh.. Thank you baby.
A  weed flower for mama!

You fell & skinned your cute monkey knee.
I LOVE that mama's owie kisses REALLY do make everything ok.
I was happy to carry you the rest of the way.

We have arrived!
This was not a planned break in,
How could you be 2, & not want to open this gate?

This is just a tree farm. No one actually lives here.
So we just went to peak at a few baby Christmas trees

As we made it up the windy road, we came upon a magical land.
Ok. It was just a little hill, that over looked the entire farm.
BUT  the grass looked like strands of gold.
I'm not being dramatic, it was beautiful!
I might have to "take a walk" to the tree farm in the near future...
(for the love of photography. Of course)

You giggled as the wind blew the grass,
& tickled your monkey knees.

you counted the baby trees.
Apparently, there were 5?!!

Mama somehow worked her magic on the magical hill...
AND got monkey-man to SIT DOWN.
A magical miracle!

Criss Cross apple sauce.
You just learned how.
So cute!

We had such a beautiful day together little man.

 Again magical land powers.
How I got this guy to take a picture w/ me,
sit still,  & smile... Amazing.
Oh man, I love him.

Time to go home little one.
Thank you for the best day,
like ever,
like ALWAYS.

(if he only knew he was runing towards nap time! Lol)