Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Morning

Christmas Memories
(take one)

    We had such a wonderful Christmas morning at home. It was absolutely magical seeing the excitement of Christmas through our little boys eyes. For such a long time I'd forgotten how purely exciting & full of joy ones little heart can be on Christmas morning. When your a kid it's automatic to just be in absolute bliss. Excited to see what goodies Santa brought, eating all those yummy treats, & just being with your family. Well, let me tell ya, this mommy & daddy had the best morning with our little guy. Just seeing those bright blue eyes light up with nothing but joy! It didn't matter if he was opening something big, something small, or building a fort out of empty boxes & wrapping paper!

Ha! Well, this WAS monkey's stalking.
Mommy couldn't grab the camera fast enough for this little tornado!

Hahaa, I guess Santa got the multiple requests from Jax!
Sweet SWEET daddy Santa went to every store in town,
 looked through the hundreds of Hotwheels,
 to find all these Back to the Future cars.
Now that is love.

Thank you Santa daddy

Mama sure does hang around some cute boys

love u babe.

Mama... is there sumpin' on my head?

What did I ever do without you monkey?

Tanx Ellie bugs!

Jaxy's very first, 1st edition, Transformer comic book.
LOVE my lil dorks. Heheeehe,

Saving the best for last, & the sweetest smiles too.

Yah Buddy!!!

Now his Back to the Future collection is complete.

This is what pure joy looks like.

He was seriously this happy.
This was the best little Christmas yet!

Hoping you all had a wonderful Christmas, spent with the people you love most!

Now onto Grandpa & Grandma's house! (in our jammies. yo.)
I kinda love that we stayed in our PJ's all Christmas long.


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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday~ Our Little X-mas Eve

Uncle Dennis's house, here we come!

cousins + new toy cars + a stair case = lots AND lots of fun!

Hahaa, Jaxy trying to get his new car in the picture!

Jaxy's X-mas wish answered!
 (thanks to Uncle Dennis & Aunt Ann)
Hmmm... wonder where monkey got his LOVE for everything Back to the Future?
Maybe, the smiley daddy in the background?!

Showing  everyone where the Flux capacitor is.

Cousin Noah & Jax LOVE their bouncy horse's!
(Though, pretty sure Jax never put his new Delorean down)

Gpa & his boy

Finally home, & new Jammies are opened!

"One for Santa... two for me!!"

Saying goodnight tree was a nightly occurrence.
This little munchkin was so excited for Christmas morning,
that he actually wanted to go to bed!

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