Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wordless Wednesday~ (silly sillison)

One of those...
 "one of a kind, never happen again, make my soul giddy, laugh the heck out loud~Jaxy looks!!"

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Sweet Shot Tuesday~ {boys & burgers!)

Nothing too fancy schmancy to share this time...
 Just a family, run around town, errand night with the boys & burgers.
My cute boys & cheese burgers, that is.

We always HAVE to cheers at Wendy's.
(It's Jaxy etiquette)

Monkey loves him some Wendy's.

I think this is the 1st Jaxy video I've ever posted?
Now you can see why this mama is just OH SO whipped...

over both my babes!

"Why are we saying bye-bye to daddy...?"
I don't know! Just go with it! Geesh.
Hahaa... LOVE you babe.

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Favorite Photo from January

My favorite pic from January.
It just makes my heart giggle...

We have moved on from bribing pop cycles (for pee pee).
Now we have a Cars sticker book.
Once he fills up a page w/ stickers,
we are headed to the Dollar Tree Store baby!

I told him he can pick out ANY toy he wants!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Scavenger Hunt~ {week 16}

I need to give a quick shout out to my bloggy bff...

Happy HAPPY Birthday, Kyna!

Love you like crazy mama.


1. Smile
Trying to get my 3 year old Jaxy to look at the camera...
(while I'm trying to snap a pic)
AND hold him... Hahahaa
 this is what cha' get.
I'll take it. I kinda love it.
LOVE that crazy sweet boy of mine.
SO much.

2. Stand Alone
One lone rose.
Never got the chance to fully bloom. Frozen & stuck in time.
Kind of romantic, sad, & beautiful, all at the same time.

3. Old/Rusty
Old & rusty wind mill, looking onto an old & rusty barn.

4. Artificial
The golden arch of artificial, but yummy goodness!
Plus some cute Buzz Lightyear tootsies.
 If you ever wondered what was under those Buzz boots! Lol)

5 Repeating a Pattern
Our wonderful reading pattern that we repeat daily!

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Friday, January 27, 2012

a picture story~ {dreamy afternoon}

"wauk mommm...?"

Thank goodness someone still likes to hold his mama's hand.

What is it with boys & rocks? ( AND sticks?)


 swoon. (in b&w.) lol)

Swooning, AND heart melting all on one afternoon walk.
This guy is good!

I hope you'll never stop picking mama weeds flowers, Jaxy boy!

Let's go home monkey.
If he only knew twas' nap time? Heheee...!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

This or That Thursday~ {our week in photos}

Proof we did get SOME white stuff!
It just didn't hang around long enough, came & went all w/in a day.

LOVE having a Christmas tree farm in our back yard!

Saturday morning.
 Daddy & Jax watchn the original Transformer's cartoon!

family walk

Meet my handsome lil quarterback

Sunday morning.
Playing cars on the kitchen floor, while mama makes waffles.

Mama got some new glasses.
They only make me look smarter, but no more headaches!
Plus being able to see is a huge plus! Lol)

My adorable lil monkey & his adorable lil monkey feet.
Basically my 3yr old has his own ipod, I never get to play w/ it anymore.
It's insane how smart my guy is.

Oh Gosh.
This bouncey horse + my crazzzy boy =
Scares the crap daylights out of me!
He has so much fun on it, though, & no owies yet.
So... ride em' cowboy!

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