Thursday, June 30, 2011

adventures in sticky fingers & happy dances

You are my Christmas in July, little man.

Just now enjoying his Christamas present from Great Grandma.
Finanlly able to keep balance & not have a wipe out!
Plasma cars rock! He LOVES it!

Hmmm... what to do?

He even picks weeds  flowers for Mr Falkor.
Haha... Falkor actually eats em'.

Falkor is so awesome at making Jax smile!

     Right as we were headed inside, Jaxy accidentally slammed his cute lil finger in the sliding glass door. I felt so So bad. Sooo (don't judge haha) to make him happy I gave him a sip of soda. I know... I know. But it definitely worked! Maybe a bit too well. Let's just say, nap time came a bit later this day.

Ahhh... goodstuff.

Can you say sugar high/happy dance?!!

Oh my little happyjax boy.
You're shirt was so dirty.
  Your face & hands were as sticky as could be.
We had to actually strip down to your diaper, before going inside.
But we had fun,  
& you are one happy little boy.
That makes it all worth while to me.

Love you my crazy/sweet monkey-man.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

wordless wednesday~ summer LOVE.

love is in the air...

Mr Jax/Romeo giving the pretty girl next door a dandelion. Awwww.

Meet little Miss Harmony
She's just the cutest lil thang!

Ahhh... this hurts my heart, it's so darn cute!

Oh my little heartbreaker.
I have the feeling mama is gonna have fun keepn the ladies at bay.

Daddy's Day weekend with the G's~ take #114

     Finally getting around to my Father's Day post. I find it hard always being able to blog about everything I want to. I know it's crazy, but I'm starting to feel like if I don't blog about certain things, they'll be forgotten forever.... & EVER! Hahaha... I know I'm a crazy lady!
    We had a very low key relaxing Father's Day weekend. Jaxy's G's (GRANDparents) came over on Sunday. Mr. monkey-man was still napping, so us grown ups hung out & enjoyed the fine cuisine of pizza & beer. Hey, it at least it was "fancy" beer! Not gonna lie, it was a tad nice being able to actually eat & enjoy my awesome in laws. Seriously pizza, beer, & we watched a little Kathrine Madigan stand up. How great are they! We were all missing our crazy munchkin though. So the wonderfully crazy boy awoke... & the real fun begins!

Time to try & get a few shots of the boys ~

this does not look promising
(Gotta love Da's shirt!
He's a playa like that. Yo.)

Hmmm... we must need?
Yes. Froggy boots.

Hahahaaa... Jaxy just looks

Finally we have a winner!

Why the change of heart mr jax...?
it wasn't the boots,
but it was  a froggy & one rad Gma that saved the day!

Gpa & his boy


Sweet daddy got Jaxy a Lightning Mcqeen nightlight.
For this he gets kisses.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Father's Day.
I sure do LOVE all the handsome boys in my life!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sweet shot tuesday~ backyard kisses

We're so happy summer is here. It's so nice to let both these wild boys loose, & just let them run a muck! I heart fences. HahaHA...!

linking up with Sweet Shot Tuesday !

Monday, June 27, 2011

i heart faces~ whimsical

~ a touch of whimsy ~

When I saw the theme at i heart faces this week,
I was super excited to share this.

my beautiful carefree little jax
warm summer night
sun going down
dancing with the tall grass
 as a cool breeze blows
skip. skip.
giggle, giggle, smiles all around.

Jaxy you are purely whimsical to me.

visit i heart faces & check out all the fabulous entries!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

meet my naughty/oh so sweet boy, named jax

dude. really...?!

This is what monkey-man was trying to get to.
He is crazy for Cars, & his new Lightning Mcqeen night light.
Really not fair for something so cool, not be a toy.

Then sweet jaxy gives Da kisses. Can't get mad at that.

Never a dull day with you,

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Live Every Moment~ Farm

This is one old barn, but I'm sure it could tell many stories.
(I think rust adds character)

Friday, June 24, 2011

flashback friday~ family

so very blessed...
   This is our very first family picture. Jax was only a few days old, & we were still at the hospital. A very sweet nurse named Michelle snapped these for us. She was awesome. When I look back at this moment, I think about how much I loved my new little angel & my Greg. I think about the person I was, & the person I am now. She's such a better person, & I have my boys to thank for that. Jaxy being your mommy has helped me grow, in ways I never even thought possible. Greg, I'm so not all brilliant & fancy with words like you, but I'll try. Honey, you are my everything. My very first love & the only true love I've ever known. All's I want for the rest of my life is my family. You are my truth.

(Sorry for all the "sappy mushy stuff" lately guys. I'm such a chick!)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

adventures in blue skys & my son-shiney boy {part one}

This blue sky took my breath away

why I love living out in the country...

one of those random shots you end up luvn!
what's the deals w/ boys & sticks?


no sticker will ever survive, the jax!

i HEART all the 5 million expressions,
this little boy has.

What a fun simple day we had bubalou.
You make this normal everyday life absolutely extraordinary.
(Extraordinary filled with the naughties
& a temper tantrum here or there--or maybe everywhere! Hahaha.--)
But you given me a love I didn't know existed.
I love you with my whole heart,
& knowing you love me just as much
is better than even chocolate!

to be continued...