Sunday, July 31, 2011

scavenger hunt {1}

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

1. walking empty streets
(ofcourse I would quote a George Strait song) Heck ya!

2. Repeating Patterns

3. floor
(Jackson style. Yo.)

4. then.
(baby Falkor)

& now

5. Fingertips

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Xoxo, Melanie

Saturday, July 30, 2011

our week in photos~ {July 25th}

~our week in photos~

Mama & Da (being dorky)

Mr Cool being Jax

How you doin'...? (lady killer)

dude. duuude!
 Seriously? Haha... I knew this would happen.
What's a mama to do?
grab camera. (giggle to self) then say, "no-no!" (whilst snapping pic!)

My adorable family.
Jaxy decided he likes to "read "
(aka point out every single Cars 2, Toy Story, or Transformers anything) 
the Sunday paper w/ mama & da now.

We love him to the moon & back. Can you tell?

Watching our crazy wonderful Husky, Falkor, run around the back yard
Chasing his tail... ofcourse!
(Yep. That's drool.)

Popsicle pweeeese!

The good life

At least he's sharing! Falkor <3's banana popcycles.

Meet the maker of bubbles himself!

Xoxo, Melanie

Friday, July 29, 2011

flashback friday~ perseverence + monkey-man = uh...OH!

Oh bub.
I have to admit I admire your perseverance ,
to be the naughty curious little monkey you are.
It will be nice though,
when monkey can clean up monkey's messes!

Jackson Dean 11 months old

Jackson Dean 2 1/2 yrs old

p/s I really do watch my monkey like a mama hawk.
He is just truly this fast & this naughty curious.
There is never a dull day at our house,
thank goodness for nap time!! lol.

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Xoxo, Melanie

bath stories

 Ahh... my fellas.
Lookin all cute & stuff.

Obviously, Da was telling a fascinating story. Obviously.


My sweet SWEET pumpkin, monkey-man, bubbalou, luvbuggy-boo face.
(I could go on & on...but I wont.)

 Favorite smile #2054. (skip... skip = mama's heart)

Xoxo, Melanie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

wordless wednesday~ stick bug standoff

   To my shock (insert LOUD scream) this was the view from our kitchen floor.
Thanks to my monkey, who pointed the lil dude out. I'm pretty sure it was a baby stick bug. I am totally the "freak the HECK out girly-girl," when it comes to crawly creatures... But I have to admit this guy was pretty cute. Though I didn't want Jax to eat him or have him creepy crawl into my bed, & bite off my toes. I know one of those would have happened... Sooo I grabbed Jax's "Where Do Kisses Come From" Book, (we <3 that story) & swooped mini stick bug up. Seriously adorable, he was doing all these karate chop moves with his lil skinny legs! Oh btw, his name is Hank.

Just enjoying the view.
 When I look at this I feel...
 I should have gave Hank an ice cold Corona & a Barbie lawn chair! (Right?!!)

We said goodbye to Hank. 

i love you, luv-buggy.

Xoxo, Melanie

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

water babe!

Hair: by jax

Somebody HELP!!!
Ha...HAHA. This cracks me up.
My hair was straight before Jax discovered the hose.

I finally got smart & hid inside.
Jax thought it was waaaay too funny to get mama w/ the hose!

(open. open. open.)

in love.
Jax-made rainbow

This was a good day.

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xoxo, Melanie