Sunday, March 11, 2012

Finagle a Foto Challenge # 4!!~ {Scavenger Hunt Theme}

~~~Our theme this round is Scavenger Hunt~~~
When you grab your camera this week...
keep these focal points in mind, 
& then come back & link up your finds!

{In no specific order.
.............Scavenger Hunt List!..}

Light, Shadow, Blue, Time, & Smell the Roses...

Here's my hunt captures...

1. Light
Morning light shining on my boys.
Sunday morning cuddles & cartoons.
Good stuff.

2. Shadow

3. Blue
Meet Max the farm kitty.
This old blue trailor is one of his favorite places, to just hang!

4. Time
Spring time. It's coming!

5. Smell the Roses
My little man often helps me remember, to stops & smell the roses.
Even if the rose is a weed, & it doesn't necessarily smell! 
But. Gosh. He's cute.

1. Please be a follower HERE and of my Co-Hosts **Marilyn** & **Kirsten**
Feel free to show off shots that lead to your perfected photo of choice!
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2. MUST be your OWN shot, please do not finagle other's work.
3. Please Link Back To Your ORIGINAL Actual Photo Post.
4. Please display Finagle A Foto button on your post.
5. Help Us Pick A Winner VIA LIKING YOUR FAV'S
6. Winner gets to help us choose the challenge themes..!!
7. Visit around and check out creative versions of the focal point of the week!
................Snap Snap Away!!! Excited to see your shots.. 


Lori said...

Such nice captures! Love him smelling the roses!

Mikko Tyllinen said...

Fantastic pictures! very beautiful!

Lish said...

Ok..I am way behind...when did you start this challenge?!...I want to link up tooo.....:D What are next weeks themes???!

MG Atwood said...

Your spring shot is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe smelling weeds, awesome :D
Loving your shots hun, the one of the kitty is especailly gorgeous x

Renee said...

These pics are Gorgeous!! Love the 'Shadow' Pic especially!! Fantastic shot!! Is it ok for beginners to enter??

Amanda said...

Love your shots! Love shadow! So cute smelling the "roses". :) Beautiful!!

Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

Oh my! I love those shots. Smelling the roses in its full capacity--even if they're weeds! LOVE it. And you're right, he's very cute!

Becky said...

How did I miss this meme? I want to take part!!! ;0)

Marilyn said...

A D O R E your shots.. how cute are they.. Light is soo darling.. Super sweet shot.. I love blue and spring time --- well can I just say ALL your set :)) You are such a great photographer.. Love your perspective.. I learn a thing or two each time.. ;)) xoxox..

kyna... said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the shot of the dandelion! Beautiful Mel!!! I'm trying hard to get some pics together to join this week! This potty training thing is consuming ALL of my free time!! Ugh!!!! Kiddos are time draining sometimes!! LOL!!!

I love you hon!!