Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday my love!!

It's my honey's birthday!!

This is baby daddy.
 Yes. Literally my baby daddy. (Lol.)
Is he not freakishly adorbs?!!
This is one of my favorite pictures on earth.
Baba daddy playing w/ his daddys's records 
AND DJ style head phones.

Jaxy helped mama make a special lil diddy.
A Happy B-day Daddy sign.
Jax loves to draw circles, as you can see.

 Birthday kiss, 4 Da.

Bye-bye daddy, we''ll see you tonight!


No matter what ride this crazy world takes us on,
you are my home,
you are my truth,

Always have been
Always will be.

I LOVE you more today,
than I ever have.

(& I have REALLY loved you)

Happy Birthday Love.



misc.alaina said...

Sweet shots! Love the birthday kiss!! Happy Birthday to your husband!

Chelsea said...

This is beautiful! Happiest birthday to your precious little man.

You are such a great mama. He's a lucky little guy!

Chelsea said...

Chelsea said...

Happy birthday to your husband! I LOVE the sweet signs you made.

You are such a good wife and mother. I definitely need to take a few notes from you, girl!

Nessa said...

Way better than a card! Love these. Lucky hubby.

Sean Marie said...

Aw, that's so sweet. I know how you feel. I love my husband more and more everyday and imagine it will only get stronger once we have a little one.

Happy birthday to your love!

Christa said...

so cute! tell baby daddy we said happy birthday :)

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

oh! happiest birthday to your sweetheart! hope you all celebrated the night away! xo!

ps love the picture and the sweet poster :)

Mallory said...

awe..I love the little sign you guys made him. That picture of him when he was a baby is ridiculously cute.

Susan said...

Such a cute picture of your hubby when he was little, and I love the poster! Hope you guys had a fun night. Happy Birthday to Jax's Daddy!

Jen said...

What a cute card!

Courtney B said...

Happy belated Birthday to the baby daddy :) You done good Mel!
And let's talk about how sweet and tender this post is! You sound so in love! I love my bbf's adorable little family!!