Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a boy & his dog

The bond between a boy & his dog,
is a pretty precious, sweet, loving, playful,
slobbery type of love!

Ahhh... these two will have lots of good times together!
How sweet is this?!!

Who's a pretty boy?!!

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Anonymous said...

What a little cutie, love the B & W shot with your dog sticking his head through the deck toward Jax!

misc.alaina said...

Your words describe it perfectly! Very cute shots! Falkor has the prettiest eyes!!

Anonymous said...

so adorable, Melanie :) welcome to 'Earth Wonders' with such a sweet shot. you're so right, a bond between a boy and his dog is really special. love it! makes me smile :)

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Love the composition on the 1st shot...and such a sweet moment captured!

Danelle said...


Anonymous said...

yay! dear :) this entry is one of Earth Wonders favourites this week and will be featured on my Facebook page ;) xoxo

Meyser said...

The love splashes from the screen! Such a beautiful picture!

Joy Burkhart said...

Hi Melanie!
Sorry I didn't get a chance last week to comment on your sweet photos! My sister was here for the week, so I didn't do much on my blog/internet (except Pinterest - my newest obsession).
Your photos of little Jax and his buddy are priceless. So loving!