Sunday, April 15, 2012

Finagle a Foto Challenge~ #9 {Rustic}

<<Finagle a Foto Challenge #8>>
--Hello Lovlies--
We have yet another sweet treat for you this challenge...
INTRODUCING... one of the dearest bloggy friends I know, Mary Gene.
she also goes by MG, & she is one talented photographer.
She's kinda my personal hero..., & the reason this mama finally has her 1st slr!
(But that's another story)

If for some crazy reason you don't already know this, oh SO talented lady.... 
*Please Meet, Mary Gene Atwood*
@ I Wanna Be In Pictures

Your Name-  Mary Gene Atwood
Your Social Connections (Flickr/Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest)- twitter #tystutu, facebook, and pinterest
Your favorite thing to shoot- People or things at the beach
What photography is/means to you- Photography is an itch that always needs scratching. I so want to get better and better, and I love doing photos for people and seeing their enjoyment in what shot.
Your favorite shot you took (EVER!<--lol)-
 My all time favorite is either my last sunset shot while in Hawaii
one of children on rocks at the ocean, and whaleor  is breaching right beside them. 
They were clueless as they were looking down.

Photographers you look up to, inspire you- Too many to list. I love different photographers for different things. I spotted Erich McVey over a year ago, followed him, he ended up shooting my son's wedding, and now he's a rising star. I like to think I saw the star before it rose.  I also love Gabriel/Boone photography. I follow lots of photography blogs, and Becky at Shaking the tree does some amazing things.
What are you shooting w/- Canon 5D
Your future goals in your photography journey- Immediate goal is to shoot only in manuel (which I've been doing for awhile) and to tackle Photoshop elements. It's time! My family thinks I need to stop "giving it away", but as long as I enjoy what I'm doing, I'm happy.

Please come play along w/ us friends!
This weeks theme:

--Here's my take--
Perfectly rustic old barn, down our old country road.

I have such a thing for old barns, especially old red barns.
I find them enchanting, in a way, & love to think about the hundreds of stories they could tell.
This is one fabulously {rustic} old red barn,
which is why I was super surprised on how much I love it in b&w.

(Pretty) Please, come join us!
If your new check out our rules here
Also please be a follower of MG @ I wanna Be In Pictures
Happy Jax


Amanda said...

I LOVE old barns! Photos of them always make me wonder what the story is behind them. Love it!

Sarah said...

I love old barns, too! I'm really drawn to the old abandoned ones that are falling apart. I agree with Amanda. There is always a story. . .

And, oh my, that whale shot with the kids is awesome!

Liz said...

I love old barns!! Great shots.
Thanks for hosting

MG Atwood said...

Girl, I love old barns too. I think that photo walk will take a long twisted path! I'm in love with that color shot of the barn POP!!!

Lori said...

Yes I know who MG Atwood is! She always visits my blog with wonderful comments! Great photographer.

Love the whale shot, that's just amazing, and congrats on winning this week!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE BARNS! Awesome shot, love those huge sliding barn doors! Swing by & join Barn Charm tomorrow evening, we'd love to have ya! =)

Dina Lettre said...

Oh, how I love a barn!

Becky said...

I so wish I had joined in on this one. Maybe next week. Beautiful shot you took!

Cheryl said...

Black and white brings out the character and charm of not only the barn but all that surrounds it. I barely noticed the car in the color photo. It jumped right out at me in B&W.

Sweet shots.