Monday, April 2, 2012

{a little Lishy love}


 She really needs no introduction, but just in case you don't know Lish (aka Lishy, that's what I call her, pretty sure it drives her crazy, but it makes me happy!) she is one awesome mama! I just love her to pieces, & I know you will too! I am super excited to have her as not only a sponsor, but a lovely bloggy friend! 
<<<Say hello to Lish,
via Imprintalish!!>>>
Take it away girl...

    My name is Lish and I blog over at Imprintalish. I'm a mom to two little men and a wife to a wonderful man. I'm a blogger and shop owner who loves to cook and bake, a painter and photographer. I'm obsessed with Photoshop and I have to get my daily dose of chocolate or the world comes to an end. I also love nail polish and hugging my kids :)
     Imprintalish started as a spot for me to record the things that left an imprint on me, mostly through photographs and about the milestones my little baby boy was reaching as he grew. Now, two years later and with two little men...Imprintalish has since become my spot to record everything! It's the one thing that I get to do just for me. The sound of the keys clicking as I type is comforting, the hum of the modem is like music to my ears! Sitting in front of the computer is my second life. The life where I can reflect on our day as I edit photos or write a blog post about what I'm struggling with.
    It's also the spot where I show off some of the crafty creations I've made. I love pretty, home decor, art, fashion, graphic inspiration is endless! But as a mom of two little ones, my inspiration may be endless but my time is not. So, sometimes all this pretty stuff gets put on the back burner as I try to balance family time, kid time, husband time, laundry time, me time and my Etsy shop. It's a daily struggle, but a good one. And that's what my blog is impressions, inspirations and imperfections.

1.)AMAZING spring fabric flower wreath tutorial 
2.)FABulous chicken wire pendant tutorial  
3.)YUMMMMMMIEST brownie recipe. EVER. Here.

I really hope ya'll hop on over & say hello to Lish!
You wont be disappointed,  she is truly a  genuine lovely bloggy friend!

Looky what the super duper talented(yes. I said, super DUPER.)
  Lori via Photograph Life made.
Thanks to her crafty side & Lishy's tutorial!!
OMGosh. LOVE it.
Thanks for sharing Lori!


Lori said...

I found fabric here to make those awesome flowers! I will stop by to learn it. I've been all over youtube.
Thanks Lish!

And Melanie, I always want to call you Mel, but I didn't want to upset you. :)

Kristy R said...

Ahhh yes, Lish needs no intro, she rocks!...But, so do you...I've passed on the Liebster award to you! Jump over and see my post!

JoJo said...

Cute blog! Are you also a Washingtonian? I saw your husband's Mariners shirt and had to ask. I lived there from 1999 till last year.

Lori said...

*EEK* I sent you another photo! :)

Lori said...

Thank you Mel!

Courtney said...

I love Lish too! ;)

Lish said...

Thanks for such a fab intro my you too {mwaaaahhh}
And thank you to the rest of you all too for such sweet comments!!!
Love the wreath LORI!!!!!!