Friday, May 20, 2011

flashback friday~ Reno Baby!

flashback friday

      (Hello Blogland! Oh how I missed you...! My silly laptop has been doing crazy things & stopped working.  Crossing my fingers all is A-ok now. Gosh, it's been over a week since I've been able to post anything. What the heck did I do before this?  Yep. I'm officially hooked on blogging! )

     Now back to Flashback Friday.  This is a trip the three of us took to Reno. Though one of us was still my little bun in the oven.  As I was looking back at these, I noticed how funny it was that in each picture I have my hand on my belly. My lil belly bump. I was only 4 months preggers. This was just the best trip! We went w/ a great couple, my sweet baby boy, & the man of my dreams.

Now that's a baby bump!
I was kinda in that "are you pregnant...
or do ya just like the cupcakes stage?!"
I wanted to wear a "baby on board sign."


Scott & Leanne


Heidi said...

These are the cutest Melanie! I remember that stage too; we were having pictures taken at my cousin's wedding and I was like "Make sure you tell people I'm pregnant not just pudgy!" Not self-centered of me at all, right? :)

Jen said...

How fun! Love that adorable baby bump!!

Gen said...

Oh so sweet and cute...happy FBF! Mine is up.

mine is here