Thursday, May 5, 2011

The ladies man... flowers & rocks baby!

mama's in trouble!

     Wow. This little guy named Jax, never ceases to amaze me. I hope I can convey how genuinely freakishly adorable this true lil story is! Ok. Mama & Mr Jaxy-Jax were out runin' a muck in the front yard. We had lots of fun that afternoon, blowing bubbles, playing in Mr. Chuck's (our neighbor) rock pile, & then mommm trying to stop Jax a million billion times, from knocking on both neighbors front doors. (I'm so looking forward for the word "no" to work at least 50% of the time) Then... it was like time just stopped. Jax saw these two little girls across the street playing. Mind you much older woman, like 7-8? He got the biggest lil smile on that cute face, looked up at me and reached his hand out. He does this when he wants to take a walk around the culdesac. So hand in hand we walked across. This is where it gets GoooooD! He pulls me over to the girls. Walks up to one of them, & says "Hieeeee!" (in that oh so sweet soft lil voice) He then grabs a rock from his pocket & gives it to her.(what? you had a rock in your pocket buddy?) THEN... he goes and picks a weed flower from the grass, & hands it to the other girl... WITH the biggest smile on his face!! I was like... "who... what... the heck?" Wow, such a sweet little player my boy is!

     Wait. That's not the end. We then make our walk back around and home. As I was cleaning up yard toys, the girls cam back over. One gave Jaxy a flower, & YEP... the other a rock! Who are these kids... Right?! It just melted my heart. Just the sweetest moment. Then I realized... YO, mama's gonna be in some trouble when Mr Casanova gets older. Watch out ladies!

(I was so mad I set my camera down! Urrrrg.)



Melanie said...

Darn it! I'm realizing I use the word "lil," way to darn much in blogland.. Why...? I never really say it in "real life?"

Haha... reading this post really made me see I used "lil" a ton of times. Oh well!

Alison said...

You can so already tell he's going to be a ladies man :) Good luck!! Such a cute story though!