Wednesday, May 11, 2011

one lovely Sunday w/ the G's

over the river & through the woods,
 to Gma's (&Gpa's) house we go!


Easter Bunny sweet auntie K,
spoiling jax like always.
(Pretty cool how the Easter Bunny
comes to the G's house too, ey?!)

Jax loves Tangled.
Jax LOVES Maximus.

(way too pretty Gma)

Gma's Baby.

This sure is a "real life" pic!
So amused by all the different things going on.
(Gpa got the bad end of this deal)
Jaxy can't wait to get outside
& play with Rubes.

Thankfully Miss Thang can hold her own


Love those dirty lil elbows.
dirty elbows = having fun

Just a swingn.

We all went on a beautiful walk to the neighborhood park
The sky was blue, sun was a shining, & the grass was so geeen.

One tired little man.
Let's go home, Max.

This really was a lovely day.

One lovely Sunday with the G's

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g said...

It was a fun day..... and you captured it beautifully!

Thank you,