Saturday, June 16, 2012

FAF# 17~ {Celebrate our Father's}

Welcome, Welcome 
<<Finagle a Foto #17>>
Theme: {Celebrate our Father's}
Please join us in celebrating those wonderful men in our lives.
Your father, your kiddos father, a grandfather, an uncle, a friend...
Anyone who you consider deserves a little thanks on this special day! 
Even those special special single mommy's out there who play both roles. 
You SO deserve both a Mother's & Father's day in my book!
So please share the love & link up your entries below.
**My AMAZING man, Jaxy's Daddy**
This guy... let me tell you about 
this guy...
(For one, he is so darn handsome, I had to also share him in b&w)

He is LOVED like crazy from his little boy.
 This guy... 
works SO hard for his family,  we love him w/ all our hearts.
He always puts us first.
He's kind of a big deal!
 I know, w/ out a doubt, one day when Jax is asked who the best man he ever knew was,
it will always be this guy.
The guy that blows up an entire kiddie pool for his little guy!
(at least he get a kiss out of it)

Yep! He's your Tech-e geeky kiddo honey!
So your boy, babe.
Happy Father's Day honey.
We love you the most.
Thank you for giving me this precious little face, 
I thank God every day our little man has you as his daddy.
LOVE you babe.
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Chic Homeschool Mama

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Happy Jax
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Pride In Photos said...

your tribute to your husband was just awesome!!!! new follower
Laurie @ Pride In Photos

Dina Lettre said...

Gorgeous shots, girl! Sure hope the men in your life enjoy their special day!

Marilyn said...

Awww, HAPPY father's day Mel.. These shots are SOOO amazing.. Wishing your hunk a sweet and beautiful father's day today.. Wooohoo.. xoxox..

Lori said...

Lovely photos! Y'all have a wonderful day!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

These are so sweet. Love them!!!!

LWLH said...

Aww this is so sweet!!

Becky said...

He sure does sound pretty great! I love that first shot with him! Great exposure and I love that you got the clouds behind him!!! Love it! Beautiful and of course I love the rest as well, but LOVE that last one of Jax. These are so creative!

Courtney B said...

Soooo precious! You are so blessed with such an amazing man and little boy in your life :) Can't wait to meet you all someday!!

Lish said...

AWWW...that is so sweet and beautiful photos! I hope all 3 of you enjoyed today. Now you've inspired me to try and catch a photo of my hubby...haha..wish me luck :)

Sarah said...

You three make the cutest lil' family! I can always just FEEL the love! Great pics! I really like the first one and I'm dying over the i lub dad. Soooooo sweet!

Mama said said...

I LUB these pictures! What a sweet day!

Cropped Stories said...

That is such a sweet post Melanie! I bet the hubby loved it! Your pictures rock girl! I love the Scrabble ones; very creative! I love the SONY one best; too funny! By the way, I made a little mention of you in my post.

Seeing Each Day said...

That 4th photo of yours is a keeper - just beautiful.

kyna... said...

Awe Mel...this post was the sweetest ever! You guys are so lucky to have Greg, and he is so lucky to have you! I absolutely love your little family! Now when can we all hang out???? :-)
♥ Kyna
p.s- if I haven't told ya lately...I LOVE YOU HON!!!

Susan said...

Jax is a lucky little man to have such a great Dad (and mama!) Love these photos, especially that last one--gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

What a lovely daddy Jaxxy has!
They just look like two peas in a pod x

Sarah Halstead said...

Awww. Sooo sweet.

Coral and Coast said...

Gorgeous photos Mel! What a lovely Daddy Jax has, so happy for you :) I got some lovely father/son shots of the party I shot on Saturday (thanks for your sweet words btw!) but I haven't posted them all yet, hopefully the one I shared is okay, will post more later in the week! :) xo K

Sean Marie said...

Ahhh! So cute! Happy belated Fathers Day to your hubby. So, I was totally going to join in for this link up this week and take loads of pics of my hubs and Natalie but we ended up having a little too much fun on Saturday night and were hungover on Sunday. Oh well, it was worth it. ;)

amy said...

what a sweet, lovely father's day post melanie!! So wonderful!!