Saturday, June 2, 2012

Finagle a Foto #16~ {Best of Week}

Hi guys,
<Finagle a Foto Challenge #16>
Theme: {Best of week}
Again please link up your FAVorite/best photos from this past week!
    I'm just going to get right to it. I am thrilled to have this AWESOME lady as our guest host this week. I've had the joy of knowing this mama pretty much since the beginning of my bloggy days. Btw, what the heck did we ever do before blogging.... right?! Anywhoo... this lady is the queen of all trades. I personally call her my little Martha Stuart. She's is just plain amazing.... OH, & she is a wonderful photographer. She works her point & shoot like nobodies business. She is my prime example that it's not about the fancy equipment, but the eyes & heart behind the camera.
Name: Lish
What does photography mean to you: 
 Photography to me goes hand in hand with our routine. My camera is strapped to my shoulder or in my hand at least 55% of the day. I feel like I will miss something if I'm not taking pictures, which is a bit crazy, but I am a bit crazy sometimes! :) Photography allows me to capture the moments that I might not otherwise remember to enjoy...freshly baked cookies (gone in a second), two little boys hugging (and not hitting each other~almost never happens!), a flower that just opened, sleeping babies...Photography also allows me the chance to sit at my computer, by myself, and have some good quality creative freedom when editing photos, the possibilities are endless!
What are you working w/ {camera, lens's, fav editing tools, accessories}:   
Canon Power Shot SX20IS & Adobe Photoshop CS2
 A few items on your photography gear wish list: 
 A new camera! Something in the SLR family ;)
 What is your most FAVorite photograph you've ever taken, & why:
 That's a hard one!! The first one that comes to mind is this one.
    It's not even a brilliant photo...the composition, the color, nothing screams Photographer of the Year! BUT, it is exactly what I love to capture, those quick, gone before you know it moments. Westyn (now a year old) was only a couple of months old in this photo when his big brother (now 3) tried to steal a kiss... at the time I couldn't believe that I actually captured it and it was so overexposed, so I flipped it to Black and White and I love it!
Where would you like your photography journey to be in a year:

I would love to be able to master aperature, shutter speed, and far I just play till it's right, but to actually be able to remember what works best in which situation...that would be great!
Thank you Lish, so happy to have you!
Everyone please head on over to Imprintalish & say hello! 
Oh, & here's a few more of her lovely links.
**My take on {BOW} **
Well guys. These aren't necessarily my best shots from this week... but they are sure a couple of my FAVorites.
My Jax. He's such a funny little Monkey-Man.
Anybody seen Jax?
I was looking for this lil fella for about 3 minutes... 
everywhere around the house (our casa is just not that big!)
On the verge of panicking, I hear a giggle from the pantry...
Jax has found his new favorite hiding place to play mommy's his iPod.
We would LOVE for you to join us!

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Can't wait to see what you Finagled up this week!

Link your {BOW} shot(s) below...
happy jax


Dina Lettre said...

What a clever little fellow! He's such a doll.

Marilyn said...

heehee, he's too cute.. Oh the gadgets they inherit!!! What an adorable boy Jax is.. :)) LOVE your shots hon.. xoxox..

Sarah said...

My kids run off with our kindle all the time! Love that last shot! Busted!!!

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

Awww- look how happy he is!

Anonymous said...

haha so cheeky!

Lish said...

Thanks so much for having me Melly :P Hide and seek is the best-that is a great hiding spot!!!

Becky said...

LOL! Love it! Such a cutie!!

Sean Marie said...

He looks like such a big boy in that pantry! I love that even simple shots like this that you take are sill so beautiful! I wish I had your skills. :)

Susan said...

Lol, cute shots...sneaky little man :)