Friday, February 18, 2011

My lil happy jax... & his OH HAPPY DAY!!!!

Phone call, rinnngggg....rinnnggg... RING! HelloooooO? I answer the phone to daddy on the other end.

mommy- Hey Babe.
daddy- Hi Hon.
mommy- ????... Yessss...?
daddy- Just an FYI, if anything comes in the mail today... ANYTHING at all, no matter what it says..... D-O   N-O-T   O-P-E-N   IT!!
mommy- Yah... Ok? (weirdo)
Daddy- alrighty then.... gotsta go my dear.
mommy- Byeeee.

Daddy's home. The mail is here. Mickey is on the package.
Could it get any better?
Oh just wait, Jaxy!

What could it be... what could it be....?

What is this cwazzy loootkin tang...?

It's you Bullseye? It's really you!!!


Woody have you met Bullseye....?

Finally Woodster.... meet my good ole frind Buzz.

 we are going to have to do sompin about your boot not sayn jax!

Hugs & kisses.

Can daddy get a hug Jaxy?
Noooo daddy... nooo.

But, I'll let ya hold my hand daddy!
Yah... Ok!

 my little cowboys rode off into the living room sunset.
Wait. That wasn't how happy jax's story, "Oh Happy Day" ended...

The three friends rode off....
into the long discounted aisels of Costco.

Can't get much better than that!
(You know you're getting old when Costco is your sunset)

And... my happy jax, lived happily ever after.

~The End~

Oh happy day.

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happy me said...

That last photo? With the three sets of legs in the cart? Priceless! You have the cutest little boy! :)