Friday, February 25, 2011

snow day

Ready to go play in the snow, check list.
 mr. frog boots... check       
 warm winter jacket... check
                                    gloves... check
 8 layers of clothes... check!

Jaxy, your absolute/perfect/sweet innocence,
makes me stop to appreciate the small beautiful
moments of life.

The cutest footprints, EVER.

You weren't to sure about this thing called,

You were sure where it came from though.
Up... mommmm UP!

That's the face I adore.
The blue-eyes that make my heart just melt.
Those kissy lips, that give the best binky kisses.
Your daddy's perfect nose.
I'm so lucky to be the mommy,
that gets to kiss those cheeks...
every day & every night.

run. run. giggle. run.

1----one...thousand. 2----one thousand....
What? it's been 2.5 seconds, w/ no movement!
We have a tired boy.

a tired jax ~ but a happy jax
nap time, bub

1 comment:

happy me said...

What a cutie-pie! I hope you've bought those froggy boots in the next size up. :)