Monday, February 21, 2011

a perfect moment... A-N-D we're done!

daddy, jax, (& of course elmo)

A perfect moment...

A-N-D we're done!

but i wuv my new elmo jammies!!

scratch that (love),
i crazzzy love my elmo jammies!!!

Jaxy, you make me laugh out loud every day!
Thanks bub.


dave, catie, and baby b. said...

thank you so much for
your kind kind words!

i'm honored to be number one
on your list!!! :)

your little guy is so so very cute
and his name? jax? i adore it!!

i'll be stopping by often :)
take care!

happy me said...

It looks like Daddy is carryin the leprechan to the end of the rainbow! Those curls!!! OMGoodness. :)