Monday, February 28, 2011

what happens when you (me) leave a 2 yr old (aka jax), alone w/ chocolate pudding, for 5 seconds...? (literally 5! seconds!!)

jax trying to figure out if mom is super mad, or
just a little mad...

hi mommm... HIeee!?

OK, good.
mom is laughing!

I had an Oprah "aha moment." Cameras are a great,
"not freakkkking the heck out tools!"
Seriously instead of freaking out, &
telling jax this wasn't a normal thing we do w/ our
pudding.(especially chocolate!) I grabbed my camera.
It even works better, than closing your eyes &
counting to five.

"aha" went to Uh-oh!
no clapping jax!

This is becoming even scarier.
He's on the move.

literally trying to stop him
while snapping a pic.
(I need an intervention)

on to the bath!

my lil bearded man.
(we're thinking about joining the circus)

I'm gonna miss my
chocolate face boy.

`How can I get all mad, when looking at this face?

I was looking at this face.

I will NEVER forget this afternoon jaxy!
It was just too cute,
to be mad.
Can't wait til tomorrow.
Maybe we'll try vanilla next time, though.



happy me said...

I would have paid to see *YOUR* face when you discovered Chocolate-Boy. <3 <3 <3 !!!


Mommy Gator said...

HAHA I love this!! I always grab the camera before any cleaning up! He is so ADORABLE!!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

i love every bit of it!
oh his face is so sweet!