Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a day at the park

I can hear your sweet little laugh,
when I look at this photo!

Jax was a little hesitant at 1st,
but then...


Awwww... the boys I love.

What is this handsome fella smiling at?

This handsome daddy...
just being silly mr. model.

His cuteness scares me, sometimes. Lol.

FAVORITE picture, of the day.
Oh.. I love that cute lil belly!

My mr. blue-eyes.

Had to get the cute shoes shot!

Being the mom
(the one who always takes the pics)
This is the only picture of me.
That's ok. At least the shoes are,

It took my determined lil jax over a minute,
to climb into the giant tire.

Then 2.5 seconds later...
He's spent.

happy jax

Time to go home.
Such a fun day at the park!

1 comment:

happy me said...

Really incredibly good shots of the sweetest baby boy I know!