Friday, January 27, 2012

a picture story~ {dreamy afternoon}

"wauk mommm...?"

Thank goodness someone still likes to hold his mama's hand.

What is it with boys & rocks? ( AND sticks?)


 swoon. (in b&w.) lol)

Swooning, AND heart melting all on one afternoon walk.
This guy is good!

I hope you'll never stop picking mama weeds flowers, Jaxy boy!

Let's go home monkey.
If he only knew twas' nap time? Heheee...!


Nessa Bixler said...

Oh Melanie, these photos are so dreamy!

Becky said...

So sweet, looks like so much fun! I love the perspective of the one through the flowers! Emma loves rocks too! I'm just glad she doesn't try to eat them anymore... I guess she hasn't done that in a while hahaha! She loves to find the tiny rocks and calls them her baby rocks. Anyhoo, great set, as always!! Thanks so much for you sweet comment. It means a lot to me!

Angie said...

Melanie, these photographs are soooo dang sweet!! I love how you cross out words! HA HAH! So funny. Your little guy looked so precious in and amongst all the those weeds ... flowers. LOL! What great photographs, honestly, you rock your shots girl. :) xoxo <3

MG Atwood said...

Hooray for sunshine! Nice to get out and get all the wiggles out. Nice captures today.

Lisa said...

Hi Melanie,
I really like the first shot of your little guy's hand. Very sweet.

What do you process your photos with? I really like the retor look to some of them.

misc.alaina said...

Such a cute walk! Love that he holds your hand and picks you flowers!! Maybe one day my little guy will catch on!

My Captivating Images said...

He is so cute! :) Great images!

Patrice said...

Wuv 'em!

Cindy Lou said...

You little Jax is a cutie. Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

Cindy Lou
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