Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Personal Memories, Dreams, & Refelections~ {2011}

1. Me
Just me.

2. i love u
Oh. how I love my boys.
    3. Still Laughing
    Someone got into mama's makeup?!
    This little dude can surely put on his everyday look in under 5!
4. Winter Wonderland
The only snow we got this year, last February. Falkor was in love.
    5. Birthday
    Our Happy Birthday Message to Daddy.
    ( Btw, that's a Baby-Baby Daddy pic in the background.)

6. Friends
    Jaxy's bff, Mr Teddy A. Bear, taking a scrub a dub in the sink!
     Teddy has remained monkeys favorite through out all the fads.
     He can NOT go to bed w/out him snuggled right next to him.
    Daddy went out on a late night Teddy search, a while back. It was the sweetest thing,
    he wouldn't go to bed until Jaxy had his fluffy friend.
    (we have "back up" Teddy's, but Jax would totally know something was wrong.
    The original Mr Teddy A. Bear has gotten a LOT of Jaxy love,
    & ya' can tell!)

7. Inspired
I'm always inspired by this fantastic lady, Jaxy's Gma & my adored Mama in law.
If it wasn't for her I would have never started Happy Jax.
 I can't thank her enough. This blog started out as just a way to document my family,
& it has turned into such a positive force in my life.
 I have fell head over heels in LOVE w/ photography,
& have met many amazing friends.
    Thanks Deb. Xo.
8. Spring Fever
Well... if this lil ray of sunshine doesn't help you catch spring fever, I don't know what will!

9. Travel/Vacation
Even though my family's farm is just over 70 miles away, every time I go & visit it's like a  mini vacation.
Plus I get to hang out w/ this fire cracker, my baby sister!

10. Summer Days
I long for these perfect barefoot summer days.
For some reason our water bill was EXTREMELY high in August? Lol.
(Daddy wasn't laughing though) Heheee.
    11. A Day in My Life
    Yep. I'm one lucky ducky!
    12. All Smiles
    This picture just makes my entire heart skip a beat, do the happy dance, melt,
    AND smile all at the same time!
    13. Autumn Harvest
    Our annual October trip to Bauman's Farm.
    Jaxy admiring all the pumpkins on one very bumpy hayride.
14. Family or Home
My family & my home is right here between these two guys.

15. Celebrate
    Our first Sunday Paper N' Coffee (& cinnamon rolls) on our brand new deck!
    Thanks to you honey, for all your hard work.

16. Let's Do It Again
    I hope we have many more silly "bare belly giggln" summers!
    17. i MISS You...
    I will never stop missing you Mr Wallace Johnson, aka my GRANDpa, my hero.
    18. Beautiful
    I am so very thankful of the love that Jax's Daddy got from his Father,
    It will just get passed on through generation to generation.
    It's a BEAUTIFUL thing.
    19. Dress Up
    My own personal little make up artist. Seriously. Could he be any cuter?!
    He is also fabulous at picking out which earrings mama should wear.
    20. Macro
    Good thing I love Oregon rain.
    21. Holiday
    OMGoodness, looking at this picture still freaks me out!
     Monkey had a blast with his 4th of July Sparklers though!! 
    22. My Favorite
    I LOVE this picture because I feel like I may have captured ,
    just a fraction of, how glorious this little boys soul is.
    This is Jax!
23. Don't Ever Change
    Ahhhh... my sweet SWEET baby boy.
    Please never forget how much you are LOVED, 
    & how much your love can move mountains. 
    AND I hope you never loose that cute crinkle on your little nose, as you giggle.
     23. Just Because... So There
    Just because... pop cycles in the bathtub are FLIPPN GENIUS!
    (if i must say so)
    25. Hopes & Dreams
    My hopes for 2012 is to be the very best friend & Mommy to the my boys. As long as I have them by my side, that is my dream come true.  And if we ever decide to add another lil munchkin to the bunch, & maybe paint their room pink(or blue)... then that would be GREAT too!( Hahaaa... guess we'll find out if Daddy really reads this! )
Thank you to all my lovely new friends out their in Blogland.
You all truly inspire me, & are such a bright light in my world!
Happy New Year Y'all!

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Ashley Sisk said...

You had such a great year - I love this entire set. I really love your autumn harvest shot...his eyes are so beautiful. And I love your favorite too. Hope 2012 is a great year for you.

Lish said...

These are all fabulous Mel!!! You've got such a beautiful family...and you take gorgeous bath pics :D
I wish you nothing but pure happiness for 2012!

Skye said...

What great photos! I love the autumn shot. How beautiful of a capture! ANd the one of your son in the sink too. So cute! :) Happy new Year!

Em S said...

I love your favorite photo! You can sense so much joy and emotion in that photo! ...and your still laughing!...I remembered that one!

Patrice said...

Fabulous photos - I love All Smiles the best!!

Becky said...

Girl, you are just so talented! I love this year that you have captured and that adorable little boy. You have such an eye for composition and editing! I love it! I enjoyed every single shot!

Point & Shoot said...

great photos! He is such a cutie and love those spring fever shots!

kyna... said...

Melanie, my friend...I know I have seen each and every one of these pictures before, but to see them all in one post...my dear...these pictures make my heart skip a beat. Every.single.one.of.them.
Your Jaxy is so perfect. He is such beautiful sunshine, and you capture that so beautifully in your pictures. I would love to spend a day in your house to just experience the love and happiness that I can tell happens there every day.

You are beautiful my friend. Your photography is beautiful. And your family is ABSOLUTELY perfect!

Love ya!

Courtney B said...

LOVED this post!!
These pictures? Amazzzzzing!
Jax? Adorrrable!
Mama Mel? Super Hottttt!
Daddy? Luckkkky Man!

Pretty please have another baby? Because he/she will be as precious as Jax! Maybe we could have one at the same time ;)

Mallory said...

All of these are so great. I love the one for your Grandpa. This has been my favorite link up since I have started blogging.

My Captivating Images said...

Awww....looks like you all have great fun!

Kelly-Marie said...

Such a lovely year you've had with your little monkey :)