Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sweet Shot Tuesday~ {boys & burgers!)

Nothing too fancy schmancy to share this time...
 Just a family, run around town, errand night with the boys & burgers.
My cute boys & cheese burgers, that is.

We always HAVE to cheers at Wendy's.
(It's Jaxy etiquette)

Monkey loves him some Wendy's.

I think this is the 1st Jaxy video I've ever posted?
Now you can see why this mama is just OH SO whipped...

over both my babes!

"Why are we saying bye-bye to daddy...?"
I don't know! Just go with it! Geesh.
Hahaa... LOVE you babe.

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Chelsea said...

Cute!! My son did Cars stickers for potty training, too. He still thinks he needs one when he goes to the bathroom at bedtime...anything to delay bedtime! :)

Susan said...

Oh how sweet!! A memory to cherish.

Hope you have a great day!

Em S said...

That is adorable. My husband does the same thing...at which point I usually give him the stink eye :)

Nessa Bixler said...

Oh my look at him acting just like daddy!

Angie said...

"Why are we saying bye bye to Daddy?" LOL!! :-D That made me laugh out loud, Mel. Hah! Sooo funny! Daddy's say the darndest things when being filmed, don't they though? LOL... This is precious! :)

Jaymi said...

aww he's so cute! thanks for sharing!

Kelly-Marie said...

love the new banner hun, aww and that video so precious definatley father like son lol x

kyna... said...

LOVE!!!! Love love love! I loved seeing and hearing Jaxy! Sooooo cute! Post more videos ASAP lady! ha ha ha!

Love ya hon...shooting you and email tonight!
♥ Kyna

Sean Marie said...

HA! I so wish you lived down the street from me too. I'd love a beautiful mama there with me to make the other moms that much more jealous.

Sean Marie said...

Ps, me and Jax have something in common, we both LOVE Wendys. I so wish I were having that for dinner tonight.