Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Edit Me~ {week 4}

    Hey all! This weeks photo was taken by the famous Miss Ashley Sisk! This lady is just all around awesome, & I have learned so much from all her great photo tips & tutorials!

This picture was already pretty darn adorable.

sooc by Ashley

I wanted to focus on this sweet little guy so I started off w/ a close crop.
Upped the exposure just a bit, & lowered the contrast
Played around w/ Saturation by increasing a little
added focus to the lil man, by blurring out the back of couch & blanket
used the air brush effect to soften up his already soft face
added an ortan action to give the babe a soft glow
cloned the top right corner of the couch to take away the bright light,
I just thought it added more focus to the baby!

I edited this using Elements 9, then Picnik for the rounded corners & shadow frame

edit by me

I enjoyed this edit so much, I decided to add a B&W version.
Cropped the same edit much closer & changed it to b&w

edit by me

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LL Cool Joe said...

Love your edits. Nice cropping, because I found all the white space on the original bugged me a bit, which is why I added the stars on my edit. :)

Sarah said...

Great edits, Melanie! Love the crops and softening!! Did you hear that picnik is closing?? Ack! It's the only editing program I have down pact!

Ashley Sisk said...

I really like the rounded corners - that really finishes it off.