Thursday, February 23, 2012

sick day

    Hello my lovelies. Geesh! I (kind of) figured the whole "not being able to post," issue. For some reason my browser wasn't working correctly w/ Blogger, even though there was never a problem before? Any whoooo... a sweet soul told me to try opening Blogger through Google Chrome, AND walla, here we are. Hallelujah! Holy moly, what how did I ever live before blogging?! Heheee... prob got a lot more done! No, seriously this whole bloggy world has brought so much joy to my life. I LOVE the dear sweet friends I've made! The laundry will be still be there tomorrow, just a much bigger pile! 

    Darn it, we have the sickies at our house right now. Monkey is not feeling like the wild Curious George he usually is. Mommy feels like she's been hit by a train, & her head is going to EXPLODE. Basically a super DUPER bad version of your normal head cold. Yep... no fun here. Like every mommy, my heart just breaks to see my baby sick.  I have got some of the best cuddles, & sweet quiet time w/ my boy though.  We are both ready to get back to feeling good... Please Jesus, let's have that be at the same time! 

sick mama + no sick Jaxy = a very, VERY, bad thing. Lol)
 No. Of course, I want him better, even if I'm not.
Just sayn'.

Mr teddy has got some good lovens too!

Sleepy boy

Jax & Teddy playing peek a boo.

Awww... friends want to play.

 Someone misses going outside, & someone misses Jaxy.

Mom. Really? REALLY?!!

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Mallory said...

This was me and Aubs about 2 weeks ago. She did get better before me so that was kind of rough. Today she hurts her arm so we are currently couch bound. And let me just say your pictures today are fantastic. I love the black and white binky shot and his hand playing with the cars.

Jen said...

Poor Jax :( Being sick is no fun. Glad all of your posting issues are better. I <3 Chrome.

Love, Chelsea said...

Sending you healthy vibes!

MG Atwood said...

Sorry you're sick. No fun at all!! Hope it passes quickly & glad you got your blogger problems fixed.

Nessa Bixler said...

Oh no - I hope you are both feeling better real soon. Hang in here and soak up those snuggles. They always seem to bounce back a bit faster than we do!

Abi said...

Awww. He's cute even when he's sick... Feel better soon!

happy me said...

Hope you're both on the mend very quickly. :) & <3, G-Ma

Chandra said...

Sending get well wishes your way! Enjoy your weekend...and hopefully the sickies will be gone soon:D

Courtney B said...

Seriously! I think A LOT more DID get done around the house before blogging.... but gosh I love blog land and all the people it has brought into my life. Like YOU! Seriously Melanie, I am so grateful we are bloggy friends and I can NOT WAIT until we are real life friends! I seriously love you :)
Poor Jax :( I hope he gets better asap!

Marilyn said...

LOLLOLOLOL at the Mom Really..? Really..? heeheehee.. I ADORE your perspective / photography.. Totally made me laugh.. LOVELY shots as always babe.. Wishing you an amazing weekend ahead.. ps: Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice... Are you up for the challenge this weekend..? COme back and Finagle A Foto with me...xoxoxo..

Susan said...

Poor little man, and poor mama! Hope you both feel better the look on his face in that last shot, lol, too cute!

Allie said...

Feel better soon!!!!

That last picture literally made me laugh out loud!! xoox

kyna... said...

Awe sweetie! I must have given what you what we had via email! Oh no! I am SOOOO sorry...I know how it feels! Seriously, that was me and Ellie just last week...ugh! If we lived closer, I would bring you guys homemade chicken soup and hot tea! :-( Darn it Mel, why don't we live in the same town?? :-(
xoxoxox Feel better! Get some rest momma!

♥ Kyna

Sean Marie said...

I love the blogging world too. It sure has introduced me to some great mamas, like yourself.

Poor Jax and Mel! I hope you guys are feeling better now. :)

deb duty said...

Hope you're better soon! I'm using chrome now too. Safari was giving me all kinds of problems.