Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday~ walkn & talkn

We LOVE walks at our house.
We walk & talk.
We talk about important stuff.

How we miss daddy.
When he will be home from work.
What to have for an afternoon snack.
Why we can't play w/ the 200 toys that "one neighbor" has in their front yard.
Why we don't poke the neighbors cat w/ a stick.
Ya know. The important things!

I LOVE how a simple walk w/ mommy can be the highlight of his day, 
put this sweet smile on my favorite little face.

side note: How great is this hair, btw?! I'm going to start calling him my little
 Mini McDreamy! Heheee.

We also do lots of cute thinkn...?
You can tell, it must be about very important stuff!

These little hands always find a stick to run through the tall grass.

These little hands also usually find, 
at least one thing, they should not touch!
(no worries. no child was hurt in the making of this post.)

Though he likes to be Mr Independent...

he still makes sure mama isn't too far behind. 
I LOVE that!

Thanks for the walkn & the talkn, monkey-man.

I had the best day with you. 

Xo, Mommy

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Lish said...

Beautiful words my friend...I am constantly amazed at the things I talk about with Gray...little minds swirling in all sorts of directions, asking questions, remembering details on things that I have forgotten, it's so sweet!

Chandra said...

I love walkin' and talkin' too, except my dog doesn't talk back! Happy Wednesday:D

Mallory said...

He honestly has the best hair. Aubs and I use to walk everyday but she hasn't wanted to lately. I think it might be because I yelled at her for trying to run across the road without me and carried her home screaming(her not me). Hopefully we can get over this hump soon because I miss our walks.

Em S said...

Love the thinkin' photo!

Christa said...

too cute, love the photos

Denise said...

I'm loving the pictures! So cute!!

Sean Marie said...

I LOVE that fifth photo of him walking! The colors are great and it's so sweet. Very symbolic how he turns around to make sure you're still there. Precious!

Had to laugh at the comment about telling him why you can't poke the neighbors cat with a stick! Hahaha... Oh, little boys.

Bree said...

So very sweet. Love little times like this with my little one! Thank you for stopping by for WW!
** I am your newest follower, I would love if you followed back ;)
** and the blonde curls - love.

xoxo, bree

Nessa Bixler said...

Oh my goodness Mel - you are really taking gorgeous photos! Then you add the words. Heart melting.

Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

I found your blog through Kyna @ Great Expectations.. your son is adorable!! He really does have the best hair ever!! Love it.
Love how your love for him is so clear, what a blessed little man he is to have a mama like you. Great to find you!

Andrea xoxo

Susan said...

Aww, such special memories. I love his jacket!! And his hair.. ADORABLE!!

kyna... said...

Hon....this post brought tears to my eyes...I can totally picture you and your cutie walking around the neighborhood...such a sweet, sweet thing. Jaxy will always be a momma's boy and that is the sweetest thing ever ever ever!!!
Love ya hon!!!
♥ Kyna

Emily said...

Aww, it does sound like the best day! I love the thinking shot and the last one, beautiful and sweet moments wonderfully captured. Thank you for sharing. I have a link up called Tones on Tuesday I would love if you joined!

Dumb Mom said...

I love his serious face! So adorable!