Monday, February 13, 2012

i heart faces~ {heart}

 Daddy & Mommy went out for date night.
We had a GRAND time.
Jaxy got to hang w/ the G's. (Gpa & Gma)
See what our little Valentine made for us while we were out...

Our first Valentine from our lil boy.
He was so excited to show off his pretty!

OMGosh. His tiny hands traced,
with the saying, "i love you THIS much.

You can bet mommy got a little teary eyed.
(I can not confirm nor deny this guy named daddy did too?)

Happy heart day my lovelies.
I'll be back later today to share some good lovin!

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet photo! You've captured such a sweet and loving memory forever. Love it!

Chandra said...

Wonder if I made one and put it on my head if it would be just as cute....not! Melted my heart away too:D

Em S said...

Happy V-Day! That is the cutest! I don't know the last time my husband and I went on a date!

Sean Marie said...

Dates are the best. I now appreciate the time alone with my hubby so much! We may have went "grocery shopping" this weekend and left the babe with his parents. Hehehe...

Jax is the sweetest little boy ever!

misc.alaina said...

That is beyond cute! Happy Valentine's Day!!

kyna... said...

Best. valentine.ever!!! Love it Mel!! I am totally in love with Jaxy! Melts my heart!
♥ Kyna