Thursday, February 16, 2012

Adventures in... Mr Seriously CUTE & getting to know my 1st slr

    I am having SO much fun with CeeCee (my pretty new/1st slr)! I am really getting the whole "your pictures may get a little A LOT worse, before they get better," saying! Oh am I ever!  Practice makes such a huge difference, though, & I am already noticing a slight difference in my images. I've been trying to always shoot in AV mode, but get super frustrated when I miss a great shot because I have my settings all wrong. Oh well, that's how you learn! I did just realize I've had my camera on the wrong auto focus setting this entire time! Hopefully that will make a little difference... ya think?! Lol)  I've been watching a million tutorials, read my entire manual... but it's just not completely clicking just yet. I guess I need to cut myself a little slack, I have only had Ceecee for less than a month now. If any of my lovely bloggy pals have any tips, links, or tutorials that helped you, I would be super SUPER grateful!  Please know I'm not posting these because I think they are amazing perfect photos. (Though my little man is perfect & A-mazing) I just want to document my journey of this great love I have, for photography AND (of course) my sweet handsome little boy!

These were shot before I realized my auto focus was set incorrectly.
But they show my cutie, so they're still pretty great.

Oh. swoon goes my heart.

LOOOVE this.
Jaxy sitting up on a tree stump.
SO glad I caught this. I swear, he was maybe up there for under 3 seconds!
Plus a smile & looking somewhere in the vicinity of the camera...
double score!

Boys & sticks. It's a thing. For REALS!

I know this shot is not at all perfect, but I heart it.
Just monkey's slight (adorable) profile, you can tell he has a HUGE grin going on!

Shhhh... mommeee.

Haha. These Mr Serious looks kill me.

 Now if that's not a "REALLLLY mom look," I don't know what is.

Mr Serious is serious about his remote control Tow-Mater!

Byeeeeee guys. Xo!!

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Chic Homeschool Mama said...

I love these!!!!!!!!!!! I think you are doing great! I have been working on this whole understanding it all for over a year now- it just started making perfect sense around November- so don't be too hard on yourself.

Kathy said...

Totally can relate here...I've had "James Dean" since the end of November. A number of times when I looked at my shots I would cringe and think I should have just stayed with my P&S. But I"m slowly coming around too. I even understand aperature/f-stops now! Score one for moi! haha. I look forward to seeing how you progress with Cee-Cee. I think you are going to have no problem :)


Mallory said...

I love the serious look- so cute! Have you read the tutorial
That was the one that helped me out the most.

Allie said...


I love the new pics as always!! You have such an amazing eye for details! I would totally pay you to take my boys pics!!!


Susan said...

Looks to me like you're doing awesome :)
Those blue eyes are so amazing...

deb duty said...

Such cute photos! The first one is my favorite. I shoot in av mode a lot. Are you taking advantage of the exposure compensation feature? I use it a lot when my camera is fooled by too much backlight to get a proper exposure on my subject. By the way, your photos look exposed perfectly, I'm just offering this tip just in case!

Ashley Sisk said...

WOAH - you really are rocking that new camera and I'm already noticing a nice difference. Great stuff girl.

I'm Veronica said...

Wow love what you have done with these photos, they are incredible. Your son is just adorable and very photogenic, lucky you!

Marilyn said...

Mel, that second shot is AAAAMAZING.. I just LOVE your lil hunk.. So adorably CUUTE... I LOVE the tones in all your pixels.. :))

kyna... said...

These look great Mel! Don't be so hard on yourself girlfriend! You are doing fabulous!
You know I am ALWAYS there for you! Email me a list of questions and I will help you out...I MEAN THAT! I totally want to guide you through this!! Cause I LOVE you!!!

♥ Kyna