Sunday, July 1, 2012

Finagle a Foto #19~ {All About the works} & or {Best of Week}

Hi there friends!
WOW. This girl is running far behind this weekend.
Sorry for the late post guys.
Let's get on with it, shall we...!
 <<Finagle A Foto #19>>
 {It's All About The Works}
Your Best Of The Week Alongside
*Celebrating Independence*

I am stoked... yes, I said stoked, to introduce ya'll to our FABulous co host this week!!! 
You probably already know her, but if you don't she is a must bloggy friend
PLUS a crazy talented photographer, & one super stylish hot mama to an adorable little girl. 
But beyond all that she has a very sweet heart & is a wonderful mommy. 
With out further a do, I'm happy to introduce Elena Via Cropped Stories!!!!
Cropped Stories
Fun Bits about Elena in << 5 words >>
Loving....  Sensitive.  ......Outgoing.  
Considerate.  .......Compassionate.
What photography means to you.
I got into photography when my little one, Alivia, was born back in August of 2010.  
I started off just snapping pictures with my Point & Shoot Canon.  I realized that 
I didn’t just want to take pictures anymore, that I wanted to create pictures.  I wanted to 
learn about photographing and really put some of my lessons to use.  As I became more
 serious about it, I bought my first DSLR in 2011!  I used to think that photography 
was about freezing those moments that you wanted to remember for the rest of 
your life but I’ve since changed my mind.  At the time, I didn’t realize I had to dig 
deeper to see beyond the obvious (that sure, a photograph can freeze your moments).  

Photography is so much more than that!  It’s about expression, art, creativity, 
challenging yourself, pushing yourself, and most importantly, story-telling.  That’s 
why I named my blog “Cropped Stories”.  I really do believe a photograph 
can show a story much better than a book could ever tell it. 
Your favorite types of photo's
Since I have the most adorable subject in the world, who makes it almost impossible for 
me to take a bad picture, I’d have to say that children are my favorite to photograph!  
All of my photography studies have been based around babies and children and I 
never tire from seeing a photograph of a child!  I just love how their innocence, 
vulnerability, curiosity, independence or dependence, and spirited nature always 
seem to shine right on through a photograph and into the person viewing it.  
Well, that’s what a photograph of child does to me anyway!   I’m a BIG 
fan of close-ups, filling the frame, and of negative space.  
For some reason, I am just drawn to these photos the most!
Your favorite photo you've shot lately
Photo Blogs or people that inspire you / you admire
My sister, Lola, is probably my biggest inspiration.  I always say that if she wasn’t 
my sister, I’d still think she was the best photographer on the market!  She just has 
the eye for it and has been doing it since High School.  I love 
that she keeps her processing clean and simple. 
What are your photography goals?
As of now, I’m still not sure what my long term photography goal is. 
My short term goal, however,  has always been to keep 
learning, improve my techniques, and have fun! 
Any fun happenings coming up at your blog you'd like to share / announce
When I stumble upon something great, I like to share the love. It wouldn’t really 
be fair for me to keep it all to myself now would it?  With that in mind, I publish 
a post every Friday called “The Missing Link” where I attach all my favorite links 
(by category) that I’ve compiled over the week.  You should definitely come check 
these posts out!  You never know, you may just find something incredible!

Also, if you are into fun collages, templates, printables, etc. than you probably 
want to check out my FREEBIES page.  Have some fun and feel free to look around! 
Cropped Stories  can be found all around the web via  Facebook  /  Twitter  
Instagram  /  PInterest  /  RSS Feed , please take a moment to find Elena and
indulge.. So much to see and smile about. She's simply AMAZING!!!
<<SO happy to have you Elena, thanks a bunch for sharing w/ us all today!!>>
*My best of week*
{is short & sweet (LITERALLY)}
There's not many sweeter things than my little man pickn' his mama  dandelions.
But capturing the genuine excitement on that little face & those little fingers,
as he runs to give mommy her flower...
I kind of love him. Can you tell?
btw, that's drool on his chin, my son doubles as a drool bug!

I'm also linking up w/ Miss Lori,
It's Foto Friday's 1st anniversary & her Birthday...
Congrats on both Lori!
Ya'll should go hurry & check out Foto Friday link,
She has some lovely giveaways!!

happy jax

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{Shannon} said...

Ohhhh, I can tell you love that cutie pie... and I see why!!

Cropped Stories said...

Aw, love this pic of Jax! Where is he running to with that flower; could it be to his mommy? Does this kid just keep getting sweeter by the minute?!

Leovi said...

Beautiful portraits, full of tenderness and pure happiness. For me photography is a nice way to convey feelings and emotions.

Sean Marie said...

Well I feel like a jerk that I didn't join in this week BUT I swear I have a valid excuse. Friday night the power in my house went out. There was some huge storm plus this stupid heat that caused it to go out. There were like half a million people without power and some still are. We stayed at my brother in laws all weekend until Monday night when it finally went back on. Hence I didn't take or edit any photos or have time to enter this. I am trying to get a good shot of Natalie by Sunday to enter for once but am having some trouble. All my picture suck lately. If only I were you. :p

kyna... said...

Well, you were late putting up this post cause you had a weekend date with a very important person! xoxo
♥ Kyna

Seeing Each Day said...

What a wonderful 'tell the story' photo.

Becky said...

Awe, I hate that I totally missed this one with miss Elena. I have been extremely lazy when it comes to blogging and man, my blog was getting up there and then it went Splat hahaha, i guess it goes to show you that if you leave for a minute the world goes on without you and leaves you behind haha... well didn't you want a whole big story in your comment box?... ;0)
PS... You do capture the most awesome moments! I love this of your little jaxy!