Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our 4th of July~ {neighborhood style}

This was our 4th of July.
A lovely night spent with neighbors.
Good people. Hot dogs. Side dishes. Sangria. Beer. Lawn Chairs. Sparklers... 
adorable happy children running around.
(maybe some illegal super fun fireworks?) wink wink)
It was another great 4th spent w/ my sweethearts. My boys.

Here's just a few snaps.
Even though it was really difficult, I tried to just take a few shots... & then put my camera away.
It kinda sucked, but I've really been working on being more in the moment.
Which has been wonderful.
Plus, it's usually a team effort to chase around our extremely crazy happy toddler.
AKA Happy Jax.

Mad that mommy won't let let him eat chips off the ground.
I'm such a big meanie!

It's sure a good time throughing poppers at mommy, 
while she's trying to snap pictures.
(Thanks daddio)
Nothing beats that look of pure awe & wonder on your child's face.
Oh. How I love those sweet cheeks!

Haahaha, I can just hear him thinking ... "Mommy is really letting me play w/ fire?!!!!"

Wow. we sure are lucky to call this home.
God Bless!
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Andrea {kerubo mama} said...

You seriously rock every single shot!!! Love the clarity and sharpness.. you are amazing!! Looks like you had an amazing holiday celebration! xoxo

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

how adorable is he!!!
melt my heart.

love the sparkler pics the best :)

lucy at dear beautiful boy said...

Gorgeous photos as always. It looks like you had an awesome time.
I've been trying to step away from the camera a bit more too, trying to focus on getting a few good shots rather than just snapping everything and anything. I think sometimes you can get so busy photographing your life that you forget to live it. X

Tamar SB said...

You live in such a great neighborhood! What fabulous pictures!!

Lori said...

We used to have neighborhood block parties like this when my children were little, so much fun!
Girl, I love the photos, and Jax's big eyes in one of the photos! Awe...

Kara @ June & Bear said...

we had neighborhood fourth parties when i was growing up. maybe i should start one on my block. looks like so much fun. i adore the sparkler shots of your little man. i'm working on putting my camera down after i get a few good shots too---thank goodness it doesn't take as long to get some i like.

Em S said...

He looks completely mesmerized by that sparkler!

Two Infinity and Beyond said...

Gorgeous shot, love! Looks like you had a great 4th.



Vivian said...

Wow! Those are some great shots! Love the colors. My favorite I would have to say is him holding the football.

Kim said...

Love the sparkler shots!

Nessa Bixler said...

What a priceless face!! I wasn't brave enough to let Eva do a sparkler this year - maybe next.

Sarah Halstead said...

These are amazing! I love them all. Looks like so much fun.

Sarah said...

What a fun life that kid has and you capture it so well. Lovin' those sparkler shots!!

Mama said said...

That looks like some much fun! I think it's a boys natural instinct to love fire and things that explode:)

kyna... said...

Looks like a great holiday celebration hon! Sangria?? Yum! Wish I could have been there!
And I totally know what you mean about forcing yourself to put the camera down and be in the moment. I struggle with this ALL the time! Especially now that Ellie doesn't mind the camera out and doesn't ask me to put it away anymore! It's a tough balance. We actually went on an amazing hike by the ocean and I didn't bring my camera. I was so bummed when I saw the amazing views and beautiful light, but you know what...I actually got to hike and enjoy my little fam without stopping to take pictures every 5 minutes. It was actually kind of nice!!
Sorry for the novel! I just missed ya something fierce this past week!
♥ Kyna

Gina @ Gigi Marie Photography said...

I love the sense of community on your street. How nice! We barely wave at our neighbors- let alone hang out with them.

misc.alaina said...

I didn't know neighborhoods like that still existed! Looks like an amazing community you live in! Mean mommy - I totally know that feeling all the time these days. Love your photos of Jax, his face with those fireworks is just priceless!!

MG Atwood said...

We used to live on a street when the kids were little, and this is so reminiscent of that time! Treasure this Melanie, not all neighborhoods are as fun and as community as what you have. My favorite shot (it's hard) is the crumpled face in the it!

Love, Chelsea said...

Haha, love his expression with the sparkler!

Sean Marie said...

HAHA! His face is priceless on the photo of him holding the sparkler. I'll admit, I'm still too chicken to hold one. I'm so scared I'll burn myself. :p He sure is brave.

Lish said...

HOW FUN! Oh my, look at Jax's eyes staring at that sparkler!!!! He's so much in awe it is so adorable! I am way behind on reading blogs and I think I am all caught up on yours now...I love your photos, they make me happy :)