Tuesday, December 6, 2011

capturing beauty in sticky fingers, & happy wrinkled toes

Taking a morning bath with Henry, the Yellow Giraffe.
Why a morning bath, you ask?
Well. That's a funny story...

Let's just say Jax got syrup & peanut butter in some pretty crazy places!
(including a bit in his left ear.)

(Note to self: have you (me) really not learned not to leave the room
(even if it is only for a 62 seconds)
while a monkey, named Jax, is eating french toast?
Come on!
Get it together mama.)

Gosh. This boy's smile makes all the sticky messes just disappear.
I am SO whipped.
I LOVE how he can sometimes be Mr Serious.

I love the Curious George in you, my sweet little boy.
I can just hear all the thinking going on in that cute head!

The want you have to learn how every little thing works.
(Including the bathtub)

I still can't get over how lucky I am to hold this hand,
to give that round belly kisses.

You make the simple every day things
pretty extraordinary.

Even when things get sticky,
& even if our house permanently smell like maple syrup!

Your Daddy & Mommy are just smitten with you.
You are our sunshine, Jaxy boy!!

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Evelyn S. said...

Oh how precious these photos are! He has wonderful blue eyes....so expressive. And you've captured so many wonderful moments.

Anne U said...

These photos are so sweet, really like the first shot.

Cedar said...

These are really sweet shots! Very well done and such an adorable boy!

Jen said...

Love the shot of you and Jax-so sweet!

MG Atwood said...

Great shots! Next time, just strip him down, throw him in an empty tub and then when breakfast is over, scrub a dub dub!

Courtney B said...

No wonder Jax is SO cute... his momma is so dang purrrrrrty! Seriously, why can't I look like you?!

Courtney B said...

Umm.... that "f" wasn't supposed to be there. Ha! Sorry :)

kyna... said...

How do you always look so darn gorgeous in your self portraits with Jax? I always look horrible when I try to hold the camera out and take a picture of myself! ha ha ha!

Shot you and email btw...give that little boy a bug hug for me!
♥ Kyna