Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jax's 3rd Birthday Party!!! {just a LIL late}

    Nearly 3 months later, I still can't believe my baby monkey is the big 3! Seriously where does the time go? I'm just trying to enjoy every moment, even the toddler melt downs & all. I know looking back one day, I'll miss my little side kick following mama EVERYWHERE, & even hearing the sound of Cheerios crunching into the carpet. Jax is literally the happiest little ray of sunshine (hence the name Happy Jax). I have actually spent time worrying that he is too happy. I know. I'm a crazy mama hen. Jaxy, you  are the most beautiful little soul. Daddy & Mommy LOVE you to the moon & back. (X infinity, of course)

    Oh Goodness. Finally... I am getting Jaxy's Birthday Party pics posted! It's only been, gosh, almost three months! I have a ton of great excuses though... ready? Well, really just one. Right before I was (almost) finished editing pics, my ex-laptop died on me. Soooo... that 's really all I got! Please be aware this is definitely no Kyna, or Allie party, but we had a wonderful time. Jax partied like the little rock star he is & a lot of wonderful memories were made! hope y'all enjoy!!
Jaxy's party theme was indeedy Transformers.
What Transformer party would be complete without a...

Optimus Bouncy House!
(Thanks to Jax's favorite Auntie, Auntie K)

He was quite the happy camper.
(& yes.
He has a can of 7up.
Drinking a few sips, from an almost empty soda, may have been his favorite part of the day. Lol)

This year was very laid back.
 I didn't go crazy w/ hand making decorations like last year.
But, I also did not go crazzzy!
I do wish though that I would have decorated more outside,
it was a beautiful sunny day, & we spent most of the time in the backyard.
The only other thing is, I should have put someone else in charge of the pics,'
Chasing my Happy Jax around, & trying to capture the day was a bit trying.

Other than that we had one fabulous day w/ family & friends!

Just two guys hangn. Yo.

Gpa, the Birthday Boy, AND a yellow Bumblebee Hummer!
Pretty cool pinata, ey?!

My dad, & Jaxy

Haaaha... I promise that's the same can. Pretty sure it's empty!

Sean & his sweet mommy Kelly

Note to Daddy:
Remember babe, this is before you through your back out! lol.
My boys sure did have fun though!

Auntie K

I'm going to stop explaining the soda. Hahaa.


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deb duty said...

So many fun and colorful birthday photos! He really likes that soda! You got some really cute pics to remember his 3rd birthday!

Jen said...

Looks like Jax had a fabulous party!

MG Atwood said...

What a fun day! Yes, you need someone else to do pics, so that there are some of you too! If you don't find anyone, holler my way, and if free, I'd be honored to shoot you and your son! Have a fabulous Christms.

Sean Marie said...

Wow, a moon bounce and pinata? Come plan my next party! ;-)

misc.alaina said...

Looks like such a fun party, love the pinata and moon bounce! He looks like he had a BLAST!!! I do kind of wish Will was born in a warm month, and I am totally with you on needing a photographer. It is so hard to keep up with everything, everyone, and the camera at the same time! Really love the Uh Ohh shot!!

Lish said...

It looks like he had such a blast! So cute!! I love that first photo and the one of his nose through the mesh!!! :) It's the same in every family mommy to be seen in any photograph!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!

Allie said...

I LOVE ALL the pics!! Looks like Jax had a rocking day...a bounce are the coolest mama EVER!!!! I seriously love living through your camera lens!! Makes me feel like me and my boys are right there partying it up with you!!! xoxoxoox

Drake Sigar said...

That looks like movie transformers to me, 1980s transformers are soooo much cooler! Also, taking a bat to a car? Great idea, teach em to vandalise early.

Chandra said...

Love the pict of the "boys having a drink!" Too cute! I hope you have a Merry Christmas :D

Susan said...

You have such an amazing way of capturing memories, Melanie! Looks like a great party!!!

Courtney B said...

I'm SO glad you posted this, even if it is a little late ;) (Let's not forget that you didn't have a computer so you couldn't post in what felt like foreverrrrrr! You can't do that to us ever AGAIN! :) haha)
Anyway, his party looks so dang FUN! What an awesome mama you are. And I think it's so smart to just make it fun instead of driving yourself crazy with all the decor and things that Jax wouldn't even notice.

Patrice said...

So much fun! Merry Christmas!!

kyna... said...

These pictures put the absolute biggest smile on my face! He looks like he had so much fun! You truly are an amazing momma! And hey, it's his birthday...he's allowed a can of 7-up! ha ha ha!!

Jax is such a little blessing. What a beautiful little boy he is!
♥ Kyna