Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday~ Our Little X-mas Eve

Uncle Dennis's house, here we come!

cousins + new toy cars + a stair case = lots AND lots of fun!

Hahaa, Jaxy trying to get his new car in the picture!

Jaxy's X-mas wish answered!
 (thanks to Uncle Dennis & Aunt Ann)
Hmmm... wonder where monkey got his LOVE for everything Back to the Future?
Maybe, the smiley daddy in the background?!

Showing  everyone where the Flux capacitor is.

Cousin Noah & Jax LOVE their bouncy horse's!
(Though, pretty sure Jax never put his new Delorean down)

Gpa & his boy

Finally home, & new Jammies are opened!

"One for Santa... two for me!!"

Saying goodnight tree was a nightly occurrence.
This little munchkin was so excited for Christmas morning,
that he actually wanted to go to bed!

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Love, Chelsea said...

Oh, his haircut! What a big boy! Merry Christmas friend!

Kaitlyn said...

Awww love the pictures, looks like you guys had a get christmas! :)

In our sea of love

Em S said...

Ah! Looks like an awesome Christmas!

Mallory said...

Looks like you guys had a great Christmas Eve! I love the picture of Jax rolling in the paper and the back shot of the boys on their horses.

Tanyia said...

Happy belated holidays, I love his expressions, what an absolute cutie!

I am stopping by from WW, I would love to have you stop by my WW post.

rachel said...

oh charlie loves to say goodnight to the christmas tree every night today. I took it down today though while he was napping and when he woke up he said, "where'd tree go, mommy?" cute that he noticed!

Ashley Sisk said...

Looks like a great time - love the first shot.

Susan said...

What a fun Christmas Eve!! Great photos Melanie :)

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

What a perfect time! I love Jax's expression when he's playing in the wrapping paper!

And a Delorean! That's so cool! That used to be one of my favorite movies. :)

kyna... said...

These pictures make my heart happy! He is so so happy! What a great little boy you have Melanie!

I am so so so so so glad you guys had an amazing Christmas. You deserve the best...always! Because you are such an amazing momma! :-)

♥ Kyna

Nessa Bixler said...

Jax holding up his car for the photo is priceless!