Friday, December 23, 2011

Flashback Friday~ Last Christmas

~Christmas 2011~

My little Christmas star!
Family band was a sure hit after this addition! Jaxy on the drums, Daddy on the Toy Story guitar, & mama on the Fisher Price piano. We were AWESOME! Unfortunetly the band has since broke up.  Jax decided to go all "rock star" on us one night & broke his drum set. Lol!

Dude....! Really?!!!

Buzz was his favorite toy last Christmas.

    I can not believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I still have a bunch of monkey presents to wrap, & stalkings to do. We are spending the day tomorrow over at Uncle Dennis's house, & I can not tell you how beyond excited Jaxy is for this whole thing we call Christmas! This is the year he will REALLY be into everything, & I can't wait to watch that sweet lil face face light up with joy! We went to Finally go see Santa today. Talk about last minute, hey?!! The little man did perfectly! His smile could not have been cuter, & the Santa wasn't creepy at all! Yay! Lol) He was a fantastic Santa. Oh yes, & curly, aka Jax, got a pretty spiffy hair cut. I cringe when his soft little curls are being cut, but I have to admit he looks darn handsome. Santa & Mr GQ pics coming soon!

Wishing all my lovelies & their sweet families the Merriest Christmas!
 Have a Wonderful Holiday weekend, & I can't wait to see y'lls X-mas pics!! Xoxoxo....!

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Patrice said...

Drum sets never lasted very long in my household...LOL!

Susan said...

Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful family!!

Jen said...

Those look fun!! Merry Christmas!