Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday~ Chef Bubbalouski

Jax has been Mr Independent lately.
It is very cute, But OMGosh does he even need his mommy anymore?!
Lol. I think yes.

I have a wonderful little kitchen helper, every morning as we make breakfast.
He likes to get whatever we need out of the pantry & the refrigerator.

Yesterday I asked this monkey-man what he wanted for b-fast.
he pointed to the cereal, then the milk.

"Ok Bub.. go get what cha need!"

He was quite proud of himself (& so was mama)

Though he puts one tiny piece in the bowl at a time,
We partied like rock stars & ate breakfast on the kitchen floor!

What is up?!

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Lish said...

Love it! Gray lovers to sit on the floor and pour (or rather take handfuls of cereal) out of the box! He's never attempted to eat it on the floor...this is cute though!

Sheila said...

So cute - what a relaxing way to start the day!

em said...

Ah...gaining independence, a joyous yet scary time...isn't it?!

Courtney B said...

You always take the best pictures!!
And you are the coolest (and hottest. Can't forget that one) mama ever! Eating breakfast on the floor?
I hope having kids will teach me to be more laid back! Because right now? I can't imagine eating on the floor... not saying that in a bad way! I just have a hard time doing things differently than I'm used to!

Susan said...

What a fun mama you are! Great shot :)

Chandra said...

He looks like he can make a mean bowl of cereal! Love the photography! New follower by way of the paper mama linkup. Enjoy your day :D

Yvonne said...

That is such a fun, sweet shot! I love it :)

kyna... said...

Ahhh, what a little heart breaker! I hope he spoils you rotten today!! I hope both your boys do! Love ya hon!

♥ Kyna

Mallory said...

One piece at a time! How long did that take? My girl is fiercely independent, it makes me a little nervous sometimes.

Adrienne said...

wow ~ I love that you ate breakfast on the floor with him!!! And, next week...I'd like the "after" photo...after he poured milk from that full gallon jug! Adorable photo!

Amanda said...

I really like the perspective of this pictures. Very cute!

Love, Chelsea said...

Have I mentioned how glad I am that you guys are back!? Makes my day! The real question is: Does Jax like Santa this year?

Kaitlyn said...

Awww that is too sweet! Hes a doll.. My son likes to do everything himself too.. He tells me he can "do it his own self" hahah

Love the pictures!

In our sea of love

Patrice said...

Breakfast will last all day this way!

Nessa Bixler said...

Look at him! One piece at a time is hilarious. Eva is being Miss Independent too... and it is so fun - most of the time. (:

Heidi said...

Love this shot, Mama. What a great perspective!