Thursday, December 8, 2011

This or That Thursday~ Sunshine & baseball in December

This kid.
This kid, never ceases to amaze his mama.
Not only will the NFL be signing their future quarterback at the age of 3,

Hello world Series!

Daddy is a huge baseball guy.
It's super adorable that he simply can't wait to coach Jax's little league team.
It will literally be one of the high lights of his life.
I LOVE that about him.
Daddy & jax have been practicing there mad skills. YO.

Check out our little All Star...

Falkor (our dog) is the assistant coach. 

(Pep talk)

Had to take a break to spy on the neighbors! Lol)


em said...

What a great series of shots! I bet his daddy is beaming at the thought of playing ball someday soon!

Lish said...

First, I am totally in love with that bum photo! So cute!
Second, I am totally jealous that you can be outside with just a shirt on and no winter jackets, hats and mitts!!! LOL! Love your new header too :)

Ashley Sisk said...

Hold on to these photos - a star is born!

happy me said...

The blog redesign is GORgeous Melanie!!!

Love the shots of the J-Man too!

deb duty said...

Such a cute collection of photos! He looks like he's loving it!

Susan said...

He's just precious!!

MG Atwood said...

I LOVE baseball!!! that last shot is fabulous!!

Nessa said...

Look at that bat placement! He is a super star for sure. So cute. I can't get enough of him peeking through the fence.

kyna... said...

OMG Mel, that black and white picture with Jaxy holding the bat is simply amazing! You are such an awesome photographer! I really, really, really mean that momma!
♥ Kyna