Saturday, July 23, 2011

our week in photos~{ july 18TH}

Popsicle stained cheeks, in deep thought.
Such a wise little fella

Now I know there is a popsicle monster!

Luvn' the view from my laptop

Though getting any work done is pretty much mission impossible!

That's ok w/ mama.

silly monkey

Just a walkn' & a talkn'.

How pretty are these?!
Jaxy & I picked them on our "trying to tire this kiddo out before nap" walk.

Headstands on our new couch. (my heart stopping...check.)
Did I tell ya'll we got a new couch? It's a yummy mocha brown leather sectional.
 i <3 it.

xoxo, Melanie


Tara said...

aw, these are so great. He is too cute, love the one at your laptop, lol!

misc.alaina said...

Love the headstand, and the shots of the two of you at the computer! Looks like you both have fun together!!

Becky said...

So great! I love them. That flower shot is pretty awesome and so is the handstand shot! Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my post! :0)

Nessa said...

oh my gosh... the headstands! You are looking pretty!

kyna... said...

So cute!! I LOVE the headstand on the couch!

♡ Kyna