Saturday, July 16, 2011

Grandma Cow's Farm

    I am so fortunate to have had amazing GRANDparents. Though they have all passed, I find myself falling back on the many values they instilled in me. Especially now in my life.  I grew up on a farm that has been in our family for the past 50 years. It was such a delight to skip up to my Grandma's house from mine. Though my dad & his wife live there now, it's still my grandma's farm. Pretty sure he would agree. No one loved it, like she did. Growing up my grandma had nicknames for all her grandkiddos, I was Boo-Botsy. I to this day have no idea why exactly? What is a Boo-Botsy? Haha... no clue?  We called her Grandma Cows. She loved her cattle. She loved her roses, But she ADORED her grandchildren. I truly was her favorite, no joke, she told me many times! Believe me, this Gma would not lie ! I just miss her more & MORE. I visited last weekend. It always nice to always be able to go back to your 1st home. So  glad I still have her beautiful roses to admire. Thanks Grandma Cows.

Mckenzie, my awesome "no pink wearn'" sister.
I'm SUCH a girly girl, she is So not, & she ROCKS! Love this girl.

Very sweet, & a little wild barn kitty.

 ahhhh... Miss Kitty was a  very curious kitty.

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Ashley Sisk said...

That kitten looks like it wants to play!

Heidi said...

Melanie I just love that shot of your sis on the fence! And what a great place to grow up.

Danelle said...

I love going back to my grandparents farm too! Love all your photos!

Tara said...

What great captures, love going to the farm, great shot of your sister on the fence!

Jessaca said...

Great set of photos!! Great shot of your sister on the fence and the second photo!!
Enjoy your day!!

Love, Chelsea said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures!

alicia said...

Such a sweet little kitten. Love those last shots! Thanks for joining the Crazy Days of Summer Challenge!