Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sunday paper, coffee, & sunshine

a perfect Sunday

Sunday morning, our favorite time of the week.  
Paper, coffee, & cinnamon rolls on our new deck. It was pretty perfect.

 Of course we had a cute little monkey-man to join us!

This silly monkey sure does love him some cinnamon rolls!

Da loves monkey kisses

 Mommy LOVES Da.

serious monkey-man

serious/cool monkey-man.
Ladies lock up your daughters! Lol

oooooOOOOH-yah... Guess what?

this mama got 3rd place at...

Thanks so much Jennifer!

Off to load up our 4th pics!


Ashley Sisk said...

That looks like a wonderful Sunday!

Love, Chelsea said...

Just stopping by to are SO pretty! I think it every time I read your blog and see a pic, but thought I should say it :)


yay!!! how exciting congrats!

happy me said...

Congratulations!!!!!! G-Ma needs that photo in black and white,
no wait! Color! Yeah; color!
B&W 5 x 10 please. Thank you, G-Ma.