Tuesday, July 19, 2011

jammies & rain boots~ Back to the Future style!

  Our back yard has been is still a work in progress, so we've been spending lots of time on the deck. Jax loves it! Couldn't help snap a few shots of him w/ his beloved Back to the Future, Delorean Hotwheels car. Yep, he is obsessed with all 3 movies, but likes #1 the best. He is surely his father's son!

Good thing he likes bathtime, cause he sure loves getting dirty!

The SECOND we come inside.
Such a dramatic monkey.

Good thing we were just grabbn a sippy cup!

You crack your mama up!
Funny monkey.

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Drake Sigar said...

You might like Biff's question song if you haven't heard it already:


Michelle said...

if that wasn't a double of my 2 yr old i don't know what is!!! ha ha. he does the EXACT same stuff!!

WeeMason Man's Mom said...

Oh my gosh, soooo cute!! Love those boots!! And I love the drama llama! Oh my goodness!!

scrapinbabygal said...

how sweet!! he looks like a serious driver who loves his job :) i love the happy smile after coming back outside!!
ps thanks for the wonderful comment you left the other day. it made my day!!

rachel said...

oh, the drama! I love it!