Friday, July 22, 2011

flashback friday~ hand me down LOVE...

The perfect love these two had for each other
 & for me, will live in my soul forever. 

  Grandpa Wally (aka THE Silver Fox), Grandma Darlene, & 3 year old me.  

My Grandpa. The very best man I will ever know.
It breaks my heart Jax will never get one of his hugs, or go out for a burger & shake.
Now I realize it wasn't splitting the chocolate shake,
it was the time, & the conversations we shared.

Jaxy, your Great Grandpa would have been just smitten with you.
I hope you will get to know him through me.

(I did't ask him to do this)
awww... kisses for Grandpa!

linking up with Jen's Flashback Friday!

xoxo, Melanie


Heidi said...

So, so sweet Melanie.

Jen said...

So very sweet. It makes me sad that Jae won't know my grandparents either :(

Nessa said...

That is awesome. I have no grandparents left... so I know what you mean.