Wednesday, July 13, 2011

wordless wednesday~ play date

   You Can't pick your neighbors. We are so fortunate to have neighbors that we actually like, & that are truly GOOD peeps! Jaxy & I ventured out into new territory, aka the front yard, & got invited over for a play date with my sweet friend (neighbor) Catherine & her 3 kiddos. They have a huge backyard, that is a child's paradise. This is Jax & his new buddy jumping on the trampoline. Please excuse the quality of the photos, their was a net(thank GOD) around the trampoline, it was dark, & remember this mama does not have a "fancy/big girl" camera. Pout. Pout.  

Outside, mommy...?
 How can I say no to this face?



Ashley Sisk said...

Love the airplane shot. How cute.

Heidi said...

Super cute! I'm terrified of trampolines though, I just know the girls would break their necks, gulp.

Staci J said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving us some blog love!! Your little guy is darling!!

Susan said...

Yay for great neighbors! Your little guy's facial expressions on the trampoline are priceless :)