Friday, March 18, 2011

boys will be boys. (& then there's my jax)

     So we all know about the 5 second rule... some yummy morsel falls onto the ground, you have exactly 5 seconds to pick it up. If done in time, of course, all is a-okay. Anything over the 6 second mark though, is just a lost cause. (Unless it's the last piece of x-mas fudge, you have a good 15 seconds) Complete logic.

     Also being a mom you know when your lil one is just out of eye sight, & a lil too quiet for a bit too long... TROUBLE is a brewin!

     Being the mom of a very sweet, naughty curious, smart 2 year old, I've learned that jax has a 5 second rule too. Do not leave him alone for more than 5 seconds... EVER. This kid is fast. Leaving him alone = taking the laundry out of the dryer, putting a dish in the dish washer, even blinking is a serious offense. > the last may have been exaggerating, but just a tad) lol.

I love how he looks at the world. He isn't scared of a thing, has never had his lil heart broken, just pure sweet innocence at it's best... then~ + (add) a whole lot of crazy/naughty on top of that.  That's my boy!

                                Boys will be boys...

                           & then there's my jax...!

(Fyi ,what you are about to witness happened over the span of seven days) 
7 days.

pointing me out of the room...
so he can continue his beauty routine.

(the chair was the accomplice)

this guy really likes his chili

who knew paper towels were so much fun?!

happy jax.

     Ohhhh Jaxy! I know this all comes with being the lovable, two year old, boy that you are. As long as you are the healthy, spunky, happy jax boy that's all that matters to me. I'm so in love with my little bub-a-lou.

                             But... dude! Momma could use a nap!
                                     Thank God for nap time!!!        

Thank you Jesus.
 A----to the men.  


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happy me said...

Okay. That made me tired just READING it !!! ;)
The new floors are beautiful!