Monday, March 28, 2011

mama's book worm

     I'm so excited Jax is finally ready for real books, paper pages & all! Well... kinda! At least he doesn't go on mission "rip & destroy" immediately. I have to watch him like a mama hen, but he's finally luvn his books. It was so endearing watching him "read" these books. They are fantastic, with all sorts of great Disney adventure stories. Especially one of my monsters favs, Monster's Inc.

One absolutely funny/brilliant thing about my Jax is that....
He can point out any popular "brand logo" out there.
Especially movie companies.
Don't ask me how or why...
It's the funniest thing!

jax where does it say disney... ?

& pixar... ?

That's my boy!

Oh how i love those little hands

      I had to get a shot of this.
 Jax actually volunteering to take a nap.
This is a definite first.
I think we'll have story time in the afternoon,

~ The End ~


dave, catie, and baby b. said...

look at his sweet little feet!
mr. b loves to read too :)

guess what?
we have that SAME blue and
brown giraffe blanket! love.

Melanie said...


You sure do have a good eye, girl! Jaxy always has to sleep w/ his giraffe blankie. Love me some Target!

Heidi said...

Melanie, these are the best shots! Love love love the one of his little feet! And how funny that he knows logos; maybe he'll go into marketing or advertising! And I totally dig that chair Jax is climbing on, super cute.